A sunny side up, cherry on top, kind of day

Today is a cherry on top kind of day even though the sun has stayed in bed and left the sky looking like a big bruise and ready to cry at the drop of a hat. So following doctor’s orders, I’m having more fruit and fibre and crocheted up a little bunch of cherries with leaves and stalks based on a vintage pattern called Cherries Boutonniere #2249.  You can see them in the pic above. Juicy and plump. And popped them onto a wooly hat and gave it a new fruity lease of life.

These squares are still a favourite – you can get the free pattern on Ravelry. I like them to have at least one colour change in them as they can look a bit dull.

You see what I mean? Dull Square. A plain Jane in her best frock.

Then I found these plumpy dumpy bobble tops. A double row  of popcorn stitches – worked in trebles rather than DCs for really boppy bobbles.

Pop them onto a plain Jane and the bobble tops bring her to life! She’s no longer a wilting violet withering away in the corner – she’s  gone all flirty and vivacious in her pastie bobbles –  ‘look at meeeeee!’. (Does anthropomorphising a crochet square make me sound a bit bonkers? It’s okay though, am yarned but not dangerous).

Anyway, these bobble tops are worth the time and effort for the F.A.B they bring to all sorts of projects.

And now you want to make some? The pattern is on Ravelry: Lily Pad Hexagons so go get! I left off the final few rounds that give the design a hexagon (or square – she gives both options in her pattern) shape. They are so gorgeous I’ve become a total and complete bobble head and loving it. For information, mine are made with a 4mm hook and Baby Bamboo which is so soft and comes in a lovely selection of colours.

What did the hat say to the afghan? You stay here and I’ll go on a-head…

Sunny side up but must run. I have to be ready to the last button in 30 mins! Time to get a wiggle on – byeeee

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