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Summer days

My jaunts to the UK and back were fun and hope to go back soon. I made some cushion covers and sent them over when I got back – I knew they’d love that fabric though I must admit the hedgehog in the picture above does have the look of one who’s been on the beer all afternoon – look at the eyes!

I’m hoping that Hickeys still stock it as I’d like to get some more. I have a fancy for a tote bag or two. Will soon see – am off to Blanch to do a bit of shopping and will have a look-see.

Well, we had our blazing June three days last week. So guess it’s time to put away the garden chairs and start knitting some thermals.

I hope I’m joking.

The garden isn’t looking as glum as the weather. The hydrangeas are pinking up nicely and, out of nowhere, a poppy literally popped out!

One day – nothing – next morning the flower had burst out like a shooting star. I wish I’d been there to actually see it.

The hairy pod case it split out of in its excitement to see the world were flung onto the grass below like a pair of wooly slippers:

Hairy slippers!

The daisies are wonderful. These grown in magnificent swathes and were a favourite of my old tom cat who loved to sleep in his daisy bed  on warm summer days.

This is a small clump but there is a lovely bank of sprawling daisies. Each year they claim a bit more of the lawn – which suits me. When we moved in the lawn was a regimented rectangle and everything was contained in straight lines. Nothing grew outside of its given plot. Those days are over. I’m far too lazy to constantly check their growth and progress and I like the way the plants nibble away the edges to soften the garden into natural shapes.


I have hebes.

There. I’ve come out and said it… Maybe there’s a cream for it…

No, really, it has gloriously imperial purple coloured flowers and the bees love it. It’s always busy with bees, humming and buzzing away in their lovely biddy-bum way. I took a nice shot of one of them but it’s on my phone and I haven’t had a chance to move the pics yet.

Anyway, off to get ready and get out early so I can get back to doing some bloody painting this afternoon. Will this pleasure never end?

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