More looking and hooking

Nice things in small packages. I made the little label in Illustrator using a rough brush to stroke the outline of a rectangle to surround the text. The text was measured to ensure it fitted inside the new textbox.

The pink paper is a mulberry mix – I think. Rarely see it these days and it was bought a few years ago so my memory may not be serving me well, here. Notice the flecks of gold and silver in it? It’s so pretty.

What’s inside?

A crocheted cloche hat for the new baby. I made four of them. Each time going up a size as mine turned out far too small for Freyja.

And another little package with little somethings in:

A flower ring headband…

A three-chain flower headband…

… and a large single flower headband.

It seems to have been quite some time since I did anything other than crochet. I am enraptured with colour, texture and pattern. It’s becoming almost an obsession. I have promised myself a couple of Furl crochet hooks for birthday or Christmas. They are uber expensive but extremely beautiful. Google them and have a look. I only want a couple in the sizes I tend to use most often – certainly cannot justify the expense on more.

This granny square is made from popcorn stitches and, if I don’t get too distracted by amigurumi hearts, will make 18 of them to stitch together to make the body of a woolly tote bag. White for the joining stitches will make the whole thing really pop.

Jess is enjoying a saunter round the garden more often these days. She takes her time and smells the flowers as she goes along. Gracie is the complete opposite. She zooms out for a good sprint across the lawn and only stops to smell something more intriguing, like other cat smells…

This little manny was taking a drink from a little dip that had caught some rain. I had some Photoshop fun with him and coloured his shell pinks and purples. I had to run in to get my camera but no need to have dashed, he hadn’t gone far. The thought ‘moving house’ came into my head and wondered if it was a sign, lol!


This is a close up of the most gorgeous pink gerbera I had in a bunch of flowers recently. It’s so pink and lush. Simply beautiful.


And these. Aren’t they just gorgeous?


And these.


The garden is also filling with colour – and scent. Wild garlic smells very pretty and is a nice scent to catch walking towards the house.

I have lots of these… Solomon’s Seal. We used to call them Fairy Bells when I was little. Apparently, Solomon’s Seal is a medicinal herb that has many healthful properties. It can be used as a herbal tincture or supplement. It can provide relief, healing or repair to sports injuries relating to tendons, joints, ligaments, bones, bruises, connecting tissues, cartilage, etc. It can also soothe gastrointestinal inflammation and injuries. It is alleged to be effective for menstrual cramps and PMS. And, it apparently can be used to lower blood pressure and relieve dry coughs.

The big question is ‘How’? That, I don’t know but Google is our friend and will ask it at some point.


Dandelions abound. They are so robust, resilient and so life-intent that you’d need a full-time gardener on dandelion watch to stop their infiltration around the garden. The seed clocks are really lovely. The gossamer-like parachute that carries the seeds off is such a pretty sight.

You can eat dandelion leaves as you would rocket or lettuce. Just don’t pick any from the road side as they will have systemically absorbed lead and other particulates from car exhaust. Pick from a back garden, free from such contaminants, then wash and chop them into salads as you would any other edible salad leaf. The leaves of the dandelion have diuretic properties. I wrote about them some time ago here: Dandelions.


Almost as tenacious and life-hungry as dandelions are these daisies. They march ever onwards invading and conquering the lawn. I love these flowers. When the sun goes in, they close up their flowers and have a daisy nap until the sun comes out again, then they all pop open with a ‘Yay’ and say hello to the bumble bees.

I’m noticing a good few more red-bottomed bumble bees. These are lovely fat bottomed boys and nice to see buzzing about purposefully and mindfully around the garden.


There are plenty of yellow poppies. They self-seed and are quite happy doing their own thing as and where and when they want.


These sunshiny poppies brighten the garden. I like to see these free spirits all around.

I have loads of bluebells down the bottom of the garden though I think they’re dying off a bit now. Grannies nightcaps and snapdragons are blooming very happily and filling in some colour as the bluebells fade away. I didn’t take any pictures of them, though.

I have pots of pink tiny flower *bushes* (for want of a better word) but couldn’t tell you what they’re called. They make big splashes of pinks and reds and refuse to go unnoticed.

The many hydrangeas are getting ready to bloom. I can see the buds colouring up and soon they will pop and be proud, loud, brash and ostentatious as they always are but deserving all the attention they demand. They are always surrounded by some flame-coloured  Crocosmia, or Orange Devils. Them and the hydrangeas dominate the front garden and just colour me happy.

Lavenders are coming along well, some gerberas, lobelia, pansies, forget-me-nots and other flowers here and there, are coming along. The lawns are generously sprinkled with lawn daisies which I love!

Anyway, time for tea. Cheese on toast with red onion marmalade will do nicely.

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