Moppets, poppets, hearts and flowers – crochet makes such happy hours

Am now venturing into amigurumi territory. This heart didn’t turn out exactly like the one in the pattern I used. Somewhere along the way I lost stitches and had fewer rows to decrease than I should have so it’s turned out a bit wonky. Nonetheless, it’s still cute as a button and am delighted with the little dote. I did try my hand at a snail, as well,  but wonky is too cute a word to describe the deformity produced on that occasion.

See the little pillow box? I was in Blanchardstown  and a shop called Sostrene Grene caught my eye. To me, it’s  the love child  of Ikea and Tiger. Lots of quirky, nice bits with a Scandanavian feel to them. And not at all expensive, either. I spotted a pack of these water-coloured, inkylicious  pillow boxes and popped them in my basket. The colours are just lovely.

So, bearing in mind that the list of things I want to make – or, to be more accurate, need to complete, is growing like Jacob Marley’s earthly chains,  I now want to make a short length of amigurumi hearts bunting. There aren’t enough hours in the day any more. I don’t even know what still needs to be finished. I come across all sorts of things in bags and boxes half done that I’d forgotten all about. Isn’t that the way of many of us? I wonder if you’re the same – I bet you are … **hoping I’m not the only one**

I was able to make a little earwarmer headband, though. Quick and easy pattern. It’s a minty green  yarn with strands of silvery, shimmery interwoven fibres that give it a pearl-like lustre and lift the flatness of the colour.

I’ve been looking through crochet blogs and books for inspiration (finding some WONDERFUL tips along the way such as Chainless foundation rows  on Little Monkeys Crochet blog) for flowers to decorate crochet hats and found some lovely specimens  in this one:

And used a couple to embellish another little Annie Bonnet:

How can you not love crochet when you can make such happy things?

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  1. Adele says:

    The pictures and colors are super. So like looking at your blog.

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