Draught Excluder

Giving my sewing machine a bit of a run lately. I made a draught excluder to take to the UK along with the cushion as presents. The fabric is just the ants pants! I love it. I’ve had it sitting in my cupboard for far too long instead of making something with it to put it on show. So maybe the wrong time of year… but weather in the UK is pretty much the same as over here so am sure it will come in useful.

The whole time I sat sewing, Jess was giving me the hairy eye – like I owed her a tenner for taxi fare or something! Turned out she wanted a shrimpie treat. Rods and backs…. Tesco do economy frozen shrimps that I keep as little treats for now and then; unfortunately, cats don’t have the same concept of time and the boundaries between then and now get very blurred.  I rinsed a handful under the hot tap to thaw them out and she soon had them scoffed and was a Gladys Glumbucket no more.

So soon be off to the UK, a nice long weekend there. Hope the weather stays fine.

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