Back from the UK

My trip to the UK was truly wonderful with a big family occasion welcoming a new baby into the clan. Don’t babies bring such joy?! And the little one is so perfect, so beautiful and so adorable. Her name is Freyja – from the Old Norse meaning “lady”. It is the name of the goddess of love, beauty, war and death in Norse mythology.  Now if that isn’t a lot to live up to, what is?!

That’s probably as personal as I ever get so no more of that.

Except for the view from the back of the house:

The view is spectacular but, as you can see, is at the top of a very steep hill. Very steep.

The weather was fine, no rain which is always a huge plus here and across the Irish Sea in England. Both sailings were smooth and the only choppiness was my hair – textured and choppy now.

I had an emotional reunion with the bag I left before Christmas. I flew that time and brought more back than I left with and swapped my bag for a bigger one from my son. He’s been promising to post mine back to me since December…

I’ve pleaded abandonment issues and separation anxiety but nothing moved him sufficiently to actually post it back.

It’s just a back-pack and I was joking about the anxiety and separation issues. I am glad to have it back though.

We popped to some little towns and browsed the small town shops which, most refreshingly, weren’t just the usual High St brands that are just everywhere. A suitable item for me, here:


This was in Skipton, home of Yarndale!

Sheep bunting – very apropos.


Lots of hand knitting and crochet articles for sale. I loved this elephant:


An old fashioned red telephone box. It’s looking a bit the worse for wear and bird droppings (skanky – please clean it up – it’s such a pity to leave it in this condition). No idea, ie, I very much doubt if it’s in working order, but what a fab, properly British icon it is.


Unfortunately, the shop was closed so could only gaze through the window at the pretty things inside. I love these jugs – I think they’re Polish pottery. Maybe I’d have bought one but would that have been silly bearing in mind I had a train journey to Holyhead and a ferry to catch back to Ireland? Of course.

But I did buy some pottery. And it wasn’t just a jug.

I was looking in a charity shop in Altringham and saw some more Stone Henge Mid Winter. A bloody great load of it. Plates, side plates, coffee pot, cups, saucers, bowls… and just £15.00. I had nothing to bring it back in. Terrible temptress manager lady GAVE me a free suitcase. Old fashioned but pretty new looking. Antler – I’d heard of the brand. Had wheels and a small corner handle to pull it along by. Soft-sided though. But they gave me an absolute ton of tissue paper and bubble wrap…. I can resist anything but temptation. It was a done deal. I couldn’t refuse. The crockery was bubble-wrapped and the case padded out with paper and clothes and secured as best we could manage.

This particular design is called Nasturtium and was the last design by Jessie Tate (I think that’s her name).


Even the lid of the coffee pot was decorated.




Next day I was back to Holyhead and the ferry to Dublin. A glimpse from the porthole as the ferry neared land:


Nothing to ‘sea’ here, lol. Obviously, it was plain sailing and I arrived safely. The dinner set mostly survived though I was reconciled to losing most of it, I really was. I decided that even if the lot was broken, it only cost £15 and was worth the punt and effort. Only crockery that would get broken not my heart or anything!

To my surprise and great happiness, there was little damage! I lost a large dinner plate and a side plate in transit, that’s all!  I still have 5 large plates, 5 side plates, 4 bowls, 8 coffee cups with saucers, and a coffee pot with two lids.

It was a glorious find. Mr T thought I was bonkers but knows how determined I can be and he didn’t have to lug it along – it was a solo journey. Thanks to my son for helping me to the platform with it and the kind help from charming and gallant English gentlemen who helped me on and off the train with the suitcases.

I am now crotcheting like mad and have a baby cardi and various headbands with flowers on the go.

For the time being, my obsession with hearts and dried lavender will have to be put aside. Baby things are becoming an all-consuming passion!

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