Ruffled bootees

I always wanted to make a pair of these bootees having seen them on Ravelry a while back. Here is the first of the two. Delish. Frou-frou, frilly dilly and lovely. Like leg warmers from Fame!

I didn’t follow the pattern exactly as I didn’t want to do all the front post, back post stitches for the upper shoe and used the pattern from the crocodile stitch bootees that I like.  That made the shoe part super easy. The ruffles….. oh the ruffles.

Lovely as they are, like a southern belle’s frothy underskirt,  I found making them (I’m still only a rookie hookie, don’t forget) fiddly and very, very exacting. I got them, and me, into more positions than the Karma Sutra. What a labour of love.


The wool is from Elann (via Amazon) : Pippi Longcolors : ‘crystal spring’.  I love how gently the shades blend into a smooth gradation but have made each row of ruffles a band of colour.  They were made using a 4.5 mm hook. The sole length is 8 cm with a width of 4 cm. The height of the bootee (measuring right up to the top of the upper row of ruffles) is 10 cm.

The pattern can be found on B.hooked crochet page or on Ravelry – click the link below:

Crocheted ruffled bootee pattern

I shall go make a pot of tea as a reward for the effort. I will be baking lemon and lime cupcakes this afternoon (recipe). Then, after a sweet treat and a bracing cuppa, will begin the next bootee.

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