Postman’s Knock

Now that’s I’ve got the hang of crocheting the crocodile stitch, there’s no stopping me. I love the colours of the wool in this chunky baby bootee. It graduates from rich blackcurrant, through rhubarb greens, pinks, reds and crimson all the way to sour then sweet apples. And so soft. It’s from Pippilongcolors and is 75% wool with 25% nylon, for strength – and is so soft. The shade(s) I ordered is called ‘Hamani’. One more bootee to do to complete the pair  then am going to start on a matching pixie hat. Scrummy.

It all started when this rather large box was delivered yesterday morning. I’d ordered one or two things just recently so the delivery wasn’t a surprise. But a box so big… hmm mystery.

It was the wool. Five balls. In such a huge box! Could have packed a small sheepy fellow in with them.

Mystery solved.

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