Crocheted elephants

Did you have a happy Easter? We were quiet (not that we are normally like Everyone’s Upstairs Neighbours) and futzed about in furry slippers and smeggy gear like we yugé do when we’re not going out and likely to frighten dogs and those of a nervous disposition.

The mantlepiece was bedecked with fresh flowers and chocolate eggs and bunnies. It was pretty much a chocolate lunch for me.

I sat and surfed and ate chocolate for a good part of the afternoon (call it an extended lunch) as well and found the sweeeetest little appliqué crochet elephant (E is for elephant) and soon had a small herd on the table.

** Oh, the aim of our patrol
Is a question rather droll
For to march and drill
Over field and hill
Is a military goal!
Is a military goal! **

Like the single leaf at the front? Another free pattern: One Green Leaf

All the photos and postings reminded me of basic layout and photography rules for blogging generally and other applications which I will write up, mainly as a reminder to myself but you might find useful, too. I get too lazy to bother and take pictures and post them with just a bit of Photoshop editing in between. Really, need to do a more, like sort out dodgy backgrounds and clean up the images better.

I came up with the following reminder to myself to up my vibrations and remember to plant good thoughts in my head. It might also be useful to you.

Until we meet again, Happy Easter Monday!


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