Crochet some love

Good Morning!

It’s so nice to wake up to some bright sunshine and, with a light breeze, it’s a proper good laundry day, too. That is doubly nice. I’ve whipped round like a white tornado, stripped the bed and got the sheets  in the washer as I sit here and chat. We’ve had a cold snap over a number of days and the change in the weather is very uplifting.

The crochet bug has got me hooked (intentional pun so groan all you like) and since finding this beautiful pattern on José’ Crochet blog  I’ve been using up lots of oddments and left over nests of yarn. The pattern is very simple and the hearts make up so quickly. I made pairs of hearts then single crocheted them together with a little toy stuffing to fill them out a bit. My passion (obsession?) with making flowers, leaves and other small crochet doodahs paid off in that I had a wealth of small pretty things ready to hand to embellish them with.

They look so sweet together. I am toying with the idea of making some bunting. It’s not like I’m short of yarn. The great thing is that they make up so fast that you’re on to the embellishment phase before you know it.


To make the day even more fun, a parcel arrived at Parcel Motel for collection – I’d ordered some foam interlocking playmats and blocking pins for blocking my granny squares, leaves and such like. The original idea of using the play mats wasn’t mine, and apologies to the internet maven who did first conceive of the idea but whose name and / or site I cannot remember, they work out substantially cheaper than buying ‘proper’ blocking mats. These were well under £10 and will be very useful.

Until the next time: Wishing you a rainbow for sunlight after showers. x

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