Best laid plans and all that

Well, so much for my plans to have a jolly seaside jaunt. Too many things got in the way on Saturday so – as the weather forecast predicted an even hotter day on the Sunday – thought I’d postpone it till then. Huh. There must have been some huge butterfly flapping its wings somewhere to create such chaotic perturbations as to destroy a whole glorious weather system in less than twenty-four hours.

It went from Hot to Not. The sky was grey, the air was cold, the fire was on.

I went looking for a potted plant for when The Room gets done. This is how it’s referred to now. We KNOW which room we’re talking about as there’s so much to do in there.

Luckily, the day had it’s bright sides. Went into Halfords for new hub caps. The price said €42 but came up at €24 at the till. That was a nice surprise, thank you.

Went to a local garden centre – saw a rather handsome Anthurium but its price was handsome, too, at €35.00. Hmmm. Had to have a think about that. That money buys a lot of wool…

Went to B & Q and had a mosey round their garden centre. Hugely cheaper on all garden bits and, in the clearance section, was this spiffing Anthurium – reduced from €19 to €9.50. It was mine in a moment. I bought the pot there, too. That was €21.00 but the two together were still cheaper than the plant alone from the other place.  And their pots and planters were very pricey. Anyway, they look well together and when The Room is done will look lovely near the fireplace.

I popped to Lidl on the way home and bought some cut flowers. I needed some colour! The garden was so green and boring and the sky was so grey.

A bunch of red roses in the Polish pottery teapot did the trick. Tea roses, anybody?

Looks nice in watercolours, too.

Made me feel so  much better.

Along with the other couple of bunches of flowers… as you can see in the rather twee vignette below (the fade away hides the eyesores of the drop cloths, paint tins, ladder, brushes, caulking gun…)

They sit on the fireplace and give me something nice to look at in the middle of what is really Paddy’s Market at the moment.

Well, Easter Sunday next week – let’s hope the weather is good and the sun shines for the weekend. Depends  on those flapping butterflies.

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