This Old House

The fire and surround have been installed. The old fire was only some 30% efficient and most of the heat went up the chimney (no wonder the birds used to congregate around our chimney pot). The new one is 90% efficient. It’s gas and lights with a quick click of the switch. Soon takes the chill off the room first thing in the morning.

I’ve been busy putting up wallpaper and painting walls. Ceilings are left to Himself as I just don’t have the patience to do them. The ceiling was originally brown varnished wood. If the room had been turned upside-down, it would have looked like decking. White has certainly lifted it and it feels as though the ceiling has been raised by a few feet.

There are loads of things still to be done. More walls to be painted. Skirting boards need to be replaced where the original hearth had been removed. Then curtains and carpets or maybe laminate flooring. Still not decided on that question yet. Carpets are warmer and quieter. But, with two hairy cats, laminate is easier to clean. And can get nice rugs to dress the floors and stop them from looking bare.  The carpet down at the moment is oompaloompah-orange and forget having seen better days, it’s seen better decades.

I think a big rubber plant with those gorgeous lush green leaves in a nice pot would look quite fetching stood next to the fire, don’t you?

Anyway, the picture is of the fire and surround with its matching mirror. I am delighted. I’ve been rubbing the mirror frame and surround with blends of lavender, patchouli and bergamot essential oils (I get a soft cloth and drip from each of the three bottles any random amount and rub the wood to impregnate it with beautiful scent and feed it at the same time. I’ll finish with some wax over the weekend and buff it up. The black fire casing is cast iron – and weighs a ton. The actual fire fascia is not but I’ve rubbed it with some stove blacking to help blend it in.

We’ve still got drop cloths over most of the furniture. They’ll stay there until all the painting is done so the room is not yet cosy and comfortable but it’s getting there.

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