Playing Hooky

My head had been so full of chores and cleaning and decorating that I needed a creative break. Well, I mastered the crocodile stitch a while ago but didn’t actually use it to make anything with. Then, these little booties caught my eye. There are various patterns on the web and if you Google you’ll find plenty.

First I practised with just two rows of scales:

I liked the result so made another bootee with some sparkly wool. Very pretty but the sparkly wool doesn’t have a lot of stretch to it and – the bootees are being made for a real baby – excity pants but a secret for the time being – so it won’t do. At least I have tried the pattern, tweaked it slightly and know it works well. I’ll have a pair made by the end of the weekend.

Finally, I was asked if I would make a granny square blanket…

I tried out a couple of designs to see how big they would come up and how many I would need… turns out, around 200. And that’s before joing them together and doing all that weaving in…. but it’s a special present. Have ordered Cashmerino wool from Amazon and it should be delivered next week. This’ll keep me out of the pubs, won’t it? (Only joking, I rarely drink and see more unicorns than I do the inside of a pub these days).

On top of everything, there are some neat and nifty JS, CSS and HTML web techniques I need to master and develop a website or two with.

What gives? We’ll have to see.

Take care and have a great weekend.

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