Learned a new Illustrator Technique Today!

I love finding really neat Illustrator and Photoshop tutorials. They’re both powerful programmes capable of so many effects but it also means it’s easy to get stuck in the groove of doing only the things that you’re familiar with. Some people use Photoshop for just touching up photographs, some for artwork, for example. It’s great when you find sites that share skills that encompass a broad range of techniques.

I subscribe to blogspoongraphics  and get a regular e-mails and was taken with his ‘Digital Particle Waves’ in this week’s post. So much so, I had to have a go. Mine is very different from his – but that’s the beauty of the tutorials – not to become a slave to the techniques but to see the potential and possibilities in them.

If you want to find out how to make one yourself, visit his blog. The tutorial is well-documented and easy to follow.

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