Feeling Stitchy

Le soleil brille – it’s so warm and summery it doesn’t feel like Ireland in the middle of March. It’s gorgeous. All the windows are open and the breeze blowing in is beautiful.

Time to get out some of the hand embroidery books I got for Christmas (and un-Christmas). I have a good-sized piece of linen and am looking for inspiration. I have been practising all sorts of stitches and fancy beading some of them and have six little pots of Miyuki beads at the ready for this purpose.

Trouble is, creativity just won’t be forced and it’s like squeezing the last diddly bit of toothpaste out of a practically empty toothpaste tube. It’s hard to do and the end result is usually a bit of a blob looking like a rotten potato sticking out of a cow’s bottom.

There are too many distractions. The old fire and hearth have been ripped out and a new fire with my beautiful solid pine and cast iron insert have been installed. The walls around are plastered and nearly dry at which point we can  put the new paper up and hang the matching mirror.  We’ve been shopping and bought wallpaper and have been checking out curtains and flooring so there’s enough on my mind to push out thoughts of pretty embroidery. Or so you’d think.

It’s just that the thought of sitting quietly with oodles of flosses in rainbow colours with pure linen and an embroidery needle appeals to me. The quietening of the mind; the chattering monkey in my head being soothed. The chance to sit and just enjoy the moments of making something lovely.

So, the books are out. And I want to make everything. And so the conflict of desires and possibilities and imagination run riot and nothing gets done.

But the sun is shining and it is glorious. Washing is blowing gently on the line and all is well in my world. That’s a great start to any day and plenty to be happy about.

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