Crocodile stitch baby bootees

A pair of crocodile stitch booties. Finally. As you know, I’ve been practising this pattern using different wools, and like Goldilocks and the three bears, one was too scratchy, one was too shrekky-coloured but this one was just right. It’s a Sirdar Snuggly so is nice and soft and is easy care washing.

They are to be wrapped up with some other nice baby bits and shipped off to the UK.

See the green tag? I’ve been having fun playing with Deco Foil and making little gift tags. They’ve very easy to do – though you will need a hot laminator and access to a laser printer (printer ink will not work). My laminator is a Purple Cow and isn’t expensive.

I have plenty of images that I digitised from rubber stamps a while back. I scanned stamped images in Photoshop then saved as a brush. There’s a ‘How to’ on my site somewhere… which means I have the original images scalable for different applications.

Simply print out the image with a laser printer and/or text  you want. Apply a strip of Deco-Foil big enough to cover it, shiny or coloured side up.

Cover them with a clean sheet of paper and pop into the laminator:

When it comes through the laminator, simply peel off the foil.

The background paper is actually pink but I had to hold it an an angle to catch the light to show the reflective properties of the foil which cast it in the dark somewhat (umbra, penumbra or antumbra? I can’t remember. One of these describes the cast of the shadow.).

Then cut out. I’ve included a circle to indicate where to punch a hole to slip some ribbon in, in case you was wondering what it was for in the picture.

I have a house warming present to make and will include a foiled gift tag to go with it. They’re such fun and the foils come in beautiful jewelled colours. They really are OOh La La! The pictures don’t do them justice.

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