Postage Stamp

It’s nearly Valentine’s Day, the sun is shining and spring is sprung. Except that it’s minus 4º here. I put some peanuts and fatballs out for the birds early this morning on account of the hard frost – the dead hydrangea heads were glittery-white with frost and looked quite pretty.  Mr Tree calls the Hydrangea heads the Hydra Heads on account of there being so many to dead-head in March/April time. Not that they hold any powers of paralysis or petrification – though I can see how they could come in handy.

While out there, I saw that my Rosemary has sprouted and wrapped itself around Buddha. Note to self: trim Rosemary’s bush as soon as the weather gets warmer. Buddha was unperturbed. He remained sitting, oblivious to the intrusion of Rosemary’s bush in his personal space and sat with a beatific smile, transcending such earthly discomforts.

The mere wink of a glimmer of watery sunshine has me kidding myself it’s nearly time for sandals. Around October I stop wearing nail varnish on my toes. With no basis in any scientific research or guidance I just believe it is healthy to give the nails a rest. I’ve heard it said that nails breathe – so there must be some sort of permeable membrane to allow for the exchange of oxygen? I thought they were plain old keratin like rhino horn but I still follow my fancy and leave them au naturel for a few months. But see that sunshine? Has me hovering around the nail varnish ready to pretty them up and slip them in a glittery sandal with  a bit of comfort in them – I don’t have hammer toes, bunions or corns but do have a width of foot and footprint that would make a yeti tremble. So, it’s not that I favour the flatter shoe, per se, I just tip the nod to a bit of comfort.

Anyway, I’m still having fun with Filter Forge and the picture above is an old photo of mine rendered with ‘Postage Stamp’ effect. See the mantlepiece in the picture? It’s going. It’s not that the existing fire surround is exactly ugly but it is very old-fashioned and not in a good way. The tiles are faceted in colours of nutty nougat with  some bronzy-gold panels here and there. It has a certain (tenuous, I grant) Gustav Klimt The Kiss about it. The colour palette and the facets of gold and shiny creams…but it doesn’t stop it being a bit of a frump.

I have had the replacement fire surround for about a year – propped up in the back room. Finally, we’ve got round to getting a quote for a new fire, removal of the existing surround and installation of the new one. I’m looking forward to it all getting finished and having new curtains, carpet and redecoration. There’s nothing like a bit of retail therapy to lift the mood when -4º tells you that No, it isn’t time for summer sandals and ‘Celebrity Bash’ red toenails.

Well, off to get my head around object notation in Javascript – I’m on a course and want to get JS under my belt by June (when the course ends). So for the moment, it’s no to nail varnish, no to new carpets but yes to no-tation (groan).

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