Clipping Masks and Rainbows Tutorial

A good while ago I published a tutorial on how to create rainbows in Photoshop. A very simple procedure and quick to do.

I’m publishing it again (though it’s still around but will save you having to search for it). I’ve used some text and a clipping mask to contain a rainbow in a word – obviously, the technique will work for any text and graphic combination.

So, if you want to create a sparkly rainbow, follow the tutorial (download the pdf – it’s free).

Create a rainbow in Photoshop

To contain the rainbow in text using a clipping mask carry on from here.

You can see that the text layer is sitting above the rainbow graphic – this is because I used an upper arc effect from the text options (just showing you). The next screen shot shows you the layer stack order for the clipping mask – the rainbow layer (now helpfully labelled ‘rainbow’!) has been moved above the text layer.  For information, I used a dark stroke to outline the text – you don’t have to but in this instance it gave the text some clearer definition.

  1. Select the top layer – the one with the graphic, making sure the picture is on the layer just beneath – right-click and select ‘Create Clipping Mask’ from the drop-down menu and  – Voilà!

We actually had a rainbow shining gloriously and radiantly in the sky (well, would hardly be in my handbag, would it, lol). Beautiful Irish skies… * sings* ‘when Irish skies are smiling…’Create a rainbow in Photoshop (groan).

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