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All the rage! Android rage! I received this super robot tree dec in the post last week. He didn’t come from the north pole, he came from the UK  with some other nicey things that I’m delighted with. Apparently, they looked all over the north (of England) in the Fat Face shops – he is a Fat Face Robot – but came up empty – sold out everywhere – until they got to Skipton.  My tree is not yet up so he’s sitting on the mantlepiece until it is.

My Christmas is very behind this year. My cake was made back in August (I think) and has been given a slug of brandy most weeks since to get the fruit matured and rich. But, it’s not marzipanned or iced. There are a ton of presents in carrier bags sitting in the sewing room waiting to be wrapped but that’s as far as I’ve got. The work ‘Secret Santa’ is the only present with wrapping on. I must get a wiggle on or we’ll be in 2017 before I know what day it is and without my feet touching the ground – to mix my metaphors like the kind of experimental cocktail that seems like a good idea when a bit tiddly. Like the vintage gear you bought thinking it looked great (mind’s eye sees a stylish and enviable outfit put togather with eclat – rude awakening of critical faculties suddenly shows you that you’re wearing old clothes that your granny would have put out with the rubbish). The bien pensant comes to the fore and soon gets the M & S cardi two-piece out from the back of the wardrobe.


Amazon has been my right arm, shopping-wise. I must be sitting on the board by now. Things are still being delivered this week and some stuff will arrive just after but as they’re for the two of us and we’re both grown ups (I think) so we don’t mind that Santa is prioritising homes with children over us. So long as he doesn’t forget we’re there. Material girl. There. I like presents.

Anyhoo, isn’t he cute?

Next weekend I’m off to Manchester for the Christmas Market there. It’s ranked in the top 5 in the world (so the DJ on radio Nova said) but I can well believe it. I’ve been before and it’s absolutely huge with loads of wonderful Christmassy ambience. Log cabins festooned with coloured and twinkly lights, German beers and hot spicy sausages… lots to see and buy. Proper hand-crafted, good quality goods that can’t be bought from the big stores. I can’t wait and am excity pants thinking about it. My partner will stay home and look after my girls, little Gracie and aunty Jess. I will be staying with my Big Boy and partner so you can imagine what a wonderful treat this all is. I hope I can find a few things to spoil them with. Hopefully, my other lovely boy and his partner will be able to come over just after Crimble so more excitement! I am blessed with an abundance of riches.

Crocheting is still a go-to hobby. This is the small butterfly from the Mypicot pattern I recently posted a link to. It needs a body with a head and antennae to finish then stitching up. The loose ends of each piece have been woven in and is definitely on one of the nine rings of hell that Dante spoke of. It’s such a ruddy chore. The pattern has been ever-so-slightly amended but not obviously so. Isn’t it looking lovely? Thank You Mypicot.

I  started making some crocodile stitch bootees last night and was following a free pattern that I downloaded and printed from Crochet Jewel’s website.  Have a quick squiz – they are really fab. Anyway, I stopped just as I’d finished the first row of V stitches. This morning, I went to carry on and could not find the pattern anywhere. Just vanished. Not a bother. I’ll print it again and soon get on with them.

Have you seen Ms Peregrine’s School for Peculiar Children? It’s an odd, quirky, wonderful film directed by Tim Burton so you’d expect it to have the dimension of strange! It’s a lovely film and enjoyed every minute of it, so much so, I now have the three Ms Peregrine books on my reader. So well written, such a good story and full of imagination and intrigue. The author has an odd name, too – Ransom Riggs.

My work is logical, linear and left-brain so I really need some expressive outlets otherwise I’ll turn into an android myself. Probably a bit paranoid  like Marvin. Haven’t read  that book (Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy) in years!

To keep my hand in, I started work on a couple of paper cuts recently. This one is destined to be machine cut. It’s barely started and nothing is linked but I have a few ideas on how this design will be developed, probably over Christmas break.





Beautiful words, poems, sentiments, etc are enrapturing me lately! Floating on this cloud of beatific serenity has inspired me to make papercut frames to surround them. This quote (I think is often wrongly attributed to Nelson Mandela) is food for the soul.

I typed the words out using a circular frame in Illustrator so that the text and created a round concentric frame outside it. The rest of the design is about placing, welding and deciding which petals go in front of others and which get cut out, etc. This design is nearly ready and will probably go on Etsy after Christmas. I’m also working on a frame for Desiderata, another nurturing and beautiful poem.

I think the dinner is ready. Roast chicken, roast vegetables and sweet potato. Time to go!

Be good! Be kind and enjoy yourself!

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