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Love them meeces to pieces!









It’s been too long since I did any kind of paper designing or cutting so today I got out some vehicle-grade vinyl and cut a couple of mousies for my car. It’s on the grubby side but was only cleaned last Monday. Since then, it has been up and down the motorway to Dublin and back every day and got grimy and gritty like every other car on the road. I designed them in Illustrator then saved them as SVGs so I could cut them with my Cougar.

Of course, if you have cats, you know that you cannot sit down and get on with something without the help of at least one of them. Gracie is our resident IT expert and the mice were designed under her watchful eyes! As you can see, her gaze is pretty fierce so I didn’t dare mess up or who knows what wrath I could have incurred.

gracie-nov16Once the mice had been cut out, I laid strips of masking tape down the lengths of the mice and peeled them off the backing sheet.

After that first step has been done, it was a simple matter to stick the design down to the car and carefully peel off the masking tape, strip by strip, ensuring it hadn’t lifted the vinyl with it.

Finally, I placed the original backing sheet on top of the vinyl and burnished the mice down over the top of it. I used a small de-icer to apply the pressure and the backing sheet provided a protective layer so the car didn’t get scratched.

I llve the end result. You could say I love them meeces to pieces.

gracie2nov16I think Gracie approved but she would have preferred real mice, I’m sure.

November is here now and the leaves are crunchy underfoot. I love autumn. The leaf litter everywhere is a riot of colour. I’m sure God uses Photoshop and ups the saturation at this time of year!

I think the lawns will have one last cut and then the lawnmower will be put away until the spring. I need to strim around the edges and tidy the sides and then the garden can go to sleep for the winter, pretty much. I still have to pop out regularly to pick up the apples that are falling off the tree, though. Finding uses for the the apples is a bit of a nuisance. Can only eat so many. I mix them with Bramleys in apple crumbles and have enough apple sauce to last until next year and have given lots away. There are plenty out there for the birds. I’ll give it some thought as it’s such a waste not to make good use of them. Talking of the birds, I bought a tub of 50 fat balls for €10 so they will have something to eat once the fruits, berries and insects have died away. I usually throw out a handful of sultanas or raisins for the thrushes and blackbirds as they have a sweet tooth and love dried fruits!

My neighbour brought me round a tub of green tomatoes. She grows lots of things and doesn’t use insecticides or pesticides. Totally organic. Brillo! And, you can’t get them in the supermarkets now – they’re all red – which is fine – but I’ve been wanting to make green tomato chutney and now I can!

If the chutney turns out well, I’ll post pictures and the recipe. If not, you’ll know it was a disaster. Fingers crossed!

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