Parchment/Silver Foil


Lovely little find from Aldi – parchment with silver foil. Yes, parchment one side and silver foil the other.  The parchment side has a golden lustre and will look smashing for Christmas food wrappings. This is hiding a Victoria Sponge with seedless raspberry jam filling and dusted with icing sugar. Tea and cake. How very English!

I will post the recipe next time I make it. This one was made to christen a Bundt tin that was ordered from Amazon and had to be tried out. PERFECT!

Remember the cash saving on the DMC embroidery floss? Amazon do it again. Olfa rotary cutter blades sell for about €7.00 each locally and in Dublin city centre. Amazon – pack of TEN genuine Olfa blades (45mm) after currency conversion and shipping – €22.00. Got to love Amazon. And Parcel Motel.

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