Happy Hooking

Holly_IvyCrocheting holly and ivy leaves. It’s for the big C in December. I crocheted these in Twilley’s Fingering in silver. It makes such pretty leaves! I find it gets a bit hard to work with as the thread starts to twist into little coils and the working yarn has to be shaken out to ease them away. Apart from that, worth the pain because they really do make the most beautiful Christmas embellishments.

IVYYou can see how the Twilley’s transforms the ivy leaf into something decorative, although this gorgeous dark olive green cotton gives the ivy a Gothic, graveyard feel…

Just saying!















Here’s a stylised crochet of a Dutchman’s Breeches in cotton













But in gold Twilley’s it takes on a completely different, glamourous look.

And this Silver Maple Leaf looks super in silver, too.






















This is a Spider Web Leaf (Sheruknitting.com on You Tube for the free pattern). Am going to crochet this in red metallic Twilley’s so fingers crossed it will trun out just as gorgeous.

Well, that’s me done with the crochet bits and bobs. Still learning but still loving it!

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