Flower Posy Pretties

crochet_flowersI had to celebrate finding some gorgeous new patterns by having a bit of a splurge on some crochet cottons. I love the old-fashioned feel of the muted pinks, like the rose madder and its paler cousin in the picture.

Those two flowers  and the Silver Ragwort came from ‘100 Lace Flowers to Crochet’ by Caitlin Sainio. I learned to crochet way back from an American lady and so use US terminology and the book is written in English terminology but it’s easy to convert and there are schemmatics for each pattern as well.

The small flower is one of Attic24’s flower patterns and is very sweet.

The little spiral or noodle can be found by Googling – there are so many ‘patterns’ out there to make them.

Then, I stumbled upon Meli Bondre’s site. My jaw dropped.  There are the most beautifully crafted crochet flowers, all inspired by the real-life plants. Many times, crochet flowers are a bit ‘Plantenstein’, not that there’s anything wrong with generic, stylised pretties but it makes a change to see a pattern fashioned on the actual botanic.

Anyway, the Hibiscus caught my hooky eye and whispered ‘Make Me, I’m Yours’ so  I did. The pattern is here: Hibiscus

It’s an easy make but a bit of a chore….. the same stitch over and over again BUT the end result is worth it and it doesn’t take that long to do.

Meli’s has a much twistier, witch’s hat hibidcuspistil and gorgeously wispy, curly hairy things  coming out the end. Mine’s a bit hairy foot wart and need refining but it was my first go. I think I’ll re-make the pistil and mod the pattern a bit to get that lovely, twisty taper to the point.














Well, that lawn won’t mow itself so better get a wiggle on and just do it.

Have fun and enjoy your day.

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