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Flower Posy Pretties

crochet_flowersI had to celebrate finding some gorgeous new patterns by having a bit of a splurge on some crochet cottons. I love the old-fashioned feel of the muted pinks, like the rose madder and its paler cousin in the picture.

Those two flowers  and the Silver Ragwort came from ‘100 Lace Flowers to Crochet’ by Caitlin Sainio. I learned to crochet way back from an American lady and so use US terminology and the book is written in English terminology but it’s easy to convert and there are schemmatics for each pattern as well.

The small flower is one of Attic24’s flower patterns and is very sweet.

The little spiral or noodle can be found by Googling – there are so many ‘patterns’ out there to make them.

Then, I stumbled upon Meli Bondre’s site. My jaw dropped.  There are the most beautifully crafted crochet flowers, all inspired by the real-life plants. Many times, crochet flowers are a bit ‘Plantenstein’, not that there’s anything wrong with generic, stylised pretties but it makes a change to see a pattern fashioned on the actual botanic.

Anyway, the Hibiscus caught my hooky eye and whispered ‘Make Me, I’m Yours’ so  I did. The pattern is here: Hibiscus

It’s an easy make but a bit of a chore….. the same stitch over and over again BUT the end result is worth it and it doesn’t take that long to do.

Meli’s has a much twistier, witch’s hat hibidcuspistil and gorgeously wispy, curly hairy things  coming out the end. Mine’s a bit hairy foot wart and need refining but it was my first go. I think I’ll re-make the pistil and mod the pattern a bit to get that lovely, twisty taper to the point.














Well, that lawn won’t mow itself so better get a wiggle on and just do it.

Have fun and enjoy your day.


Parchment/Silver Foil


Lovely little find from Aldi – parchment with silver foil. Yes, parchment one side and silver foil the other.  The parchment side has a golden lustre and will look smashing for Christmas food wrappings. This is hiding a Victoria Sponge with seedless raspberry jam filling and dusted with icing sugar. Tea and cake. How very English!

I will post the recipe next time I make it. This one was made to christen a Bundt tin that was ordered from Amazon and had to be tried out. PERFECT!

Remember the cash saving on the DMC embroidery floss? Amazon do it again. Olfa rotary cutter blades sell for about €7.00 each locally and in Dublin city centre. Amazon – pack of TEN genuine Olfa blades (45mm) after currency conversion and shipping – €22.00. Got to love Amazon. And Parcel Motel.




















I looked out of my front door this morning and realised just how big my Hydrangea bush blooms have grown. It’s so ostentatious with its pom-poms resplendent in vibrant hot pink / cerise. This one is the largest of the three in my front garden. I have another three in my back garden, too. It looks hot, hot, hot even if the weather says NOT.


Dublin Flea Fabulous Find


I think I have mentioned in previous posts that I *collect* clay ovens. I have some absolutely beautiful ones already but when I went to the Dublin Flea the other week or so ago and found this one, it had to be mine. I covet these things like Smaug with his heap of treasure.

It was €4.99. And, it’s really big. A large chicken would be accommodated very easily. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego would fit easily. Okay. Perhaps not. But maybe a turkey, but not a H-U-G-E one. All the same, this oven is a really good size.

Wish we could hurry up and get the kitchen sorted out with some purpose-built shelving for my treasures. This will have pride of place.


Happy Hooking

Holly_IvyCrocheting holly and ivy leaves. It’s for the big C in December. I crocheted these in Twilley’s Fingering in silver. It makes such pretty leaves! I find it gets a bit hard to work with as the thread starts to twist into little coils and the working yarn has to be shaken out to ease them away. Apart from that, worth the pain because they really do make the most beautiful Christmas embellishments.

IVYYou can see how the Twilley’s transforms the ivy leaf into something decorative, although this gorgeous dark olive green cotton gives the ivy a Gothic, graveyard feel…

Just saying!















Here’s a stylised crochet of a Dutchman’s Breeches in cotton













But in gold Twilley’s it takes on a completely different, glamourous look.

And this Silver Maple Leaf looks super in silver, too.






















This is a Spider Web Leaf ( on You Tube for the free pattern). Am going to crochet this in red metallic Twilley’s so fingers crossed it will trun out just as gorgeous.

Well, that’s me done with the crochet bits and bobs. Still learning but still loving it!

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