Painted Flower Pots










I’m decorating a pot for a neighbour who wants it for her friends’ golden anniversary. She will be buying a bushy plant to fill it and make it a good show. The pot is to go inside a porch, facing the street so one of the things I was asked to include was the door number. And, to really personalise it, their names are on the rim.

The pot is a medium-sized terracotta one and was painted inside and out with an egg shell paint in a soft biscuit colour. I printed the names onto 100gsm paper with  a laser printer. It was Mod Podged onto the rim and when dry, had the surface paper dampened and rubbed to show the underlying print. In the picture, you can see it needs another damping and rubbing to remove the last of the paper.

You can see it’s decorated with flowers and butterflies.










The design is also highlighted with touches of bronze and gold acylic paints.

Tons of work went into it.

I gaffed, though.

The flowers and butterflies were done before the numbers. And because the pot has curvature and there are difficulties in holding it steady yet accessible to turn…

And from the angle I painted them on, they looked good. Not symmetrical – I was going for a slight ‘jaunty’ effect.

But, when viewed face on and upright…. groan. I cringe to show you… but what the heck – you can learn from my mistake and always have a second pair of eyes to check the positioning and composition…

Parallax  fu**ery at its finest:











The single butterflies are too close. The nine looks like it’s falling off…

Am going to show neighbour and tell her I’ll buy the pot off her (she supplied the pot) and not charge her for the design. I’ll keep it and do something with it. She then has the weekend to find something else for her friends.

The painting pot Gods were not there for me. Damn.

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