Flowered Pots








Well, my neighbour actually loved the last pot and paid me more than I normally ask! Phew. A lot of work goes into each one and takes days and days to complete. She called me round to show it planted with some beautiful lillies. It set it off something lovely.

Anyway, have just finished one for another 50th anniversary. The pots are terracotta and painted with a biscuit-coloured eggshell before adding the graphics. The edges are outlined with gold acylics to give the pot some lustre and as a nod to it being a golden wedding anniversary.

m_TPink peonies on one side and butterflies on the other.





















It’s just had its last coat of Mod Podge and am waiting for it to fully cure. I hope it looks proper fabulous planted up with something gorgeous.

There must be something in the water here for so many couples to live to good old ages. I have a fair way to go to catch up with them and hope I’ll wear as well as they have.

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