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I have been crocheting lots of little leaves and motifs in cotton ready to use on scarves, socks and cardis, etc. Pretty doodahs to gussy things up a bit. I love the one in the picture and it’s an easy one to do. I think  it’s a design from Sheruknitting (search You Tube for her videos).










I remembered that I had some Twilley’s Fingering yarn and wondered how it would look in fine silver and they turned out to be beautiful. The photo doesn’t do justice to the sparkliness and shine but they are quite gorgeous. And, dare I say, Christmassy… (I know it’s only July…).

Anyway, the leaves are from Sheru as well, I think they’re called long leaves with picot edging. I watch the videos a couple of times and write the instructions down long hand as I watch. I type them up then try out ‘my’ pattern to check it’s right. Normally, there’s a couple of iterations where the pattern gets revised to incorporate some detail or other. But, I rarely write the name of the video down!

The printed pattern goes into a plastic pocket in a lever arch folder with a finished motif. Organised or a bit on the A-retentive side?

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