Rosy Posy













Isn’t this rosy posy sweet?

The pattern is so simple:

Round 1: Make a chain of around 25 – 30, for  a small one, 30 – 40 for a medium or 40 to 50 for a large.

Round 2: Make a DC into the fourth chain from the hook, then a DC into every chain back to the beginning

Round 3: Chain 2, then * 1 Dc into next stitch, 2 DC into next* to the end of the row

Round 4: Change the colour yarn to contrast with the main colour then * Chain 1, SC next, Ch 1* to the end

Finish off

Curl the crochet into roses and use the yarn tails to weave them into place – all done.

Anyway, time to go. I have recently discovered Penny Dreadful. We watched a couple of episodes from series 2 (or 3?) and were both too interested to keep waiting a week for the next instalment so bought the boxed set for a proper binge. Hooked in an entirely different way!

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