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Just sharing a little work in progress here. This is the bottom panel for a small decorative cushion I’m making. The hares are  cut from a wool fabric and appliquéd onto creamy linen. It still needs some extra details and will probably add a chain daisy or two and stem stitch amongst the cluster of French Knots.

Using my template again (Bondaweb onto fabric, draw round template, cut out and iron on), I made a start on a panelled piece. It’s made up from oddments of cream linen because I didn’t have any big pieces left. If you pick out one thread and pull it out carefully (ie, don’t let it snap), you’ll get a straight line that you can cut along and keep the bits fairly well squared off. I did this with all four sides on each panel.

I dampened the joined panels and dripped watercolour paints to give some colour-washed areas. I’ve given the blue area some water ripples having decided against French Knot clouds…  I think eleventy-billion knots might be too many…

newharesI thought about other stitches as  there are so many beautiful ones to choose from. One of my favourite sites is Sarah’s Hand Embroidery Tutorials .

I often enjoy looking at her wonderful galleries of stitches over a glass of wine in the evening.

Anyway,enjoy what’s left of the weekend and be happy.

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