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Payments and correct e-mail address

Yesterday,  somebody tried to buy the Butterfly gatefold card and made the payment through Paypal. Unfortunately, I tried to send the template but the e-mail address is invalid. Maybe there’s a typo or something but the e-mail address is wrong in some way and gets returned. When things go awry like this, I refund the money immediately. If you want to order anything, please check your contact e-mail is correct so you won’t be disappointed.


*** Janette ***

You tried again with a different file – please check your e-mail address. It’s getting rejected by the Century Link mail server as ‘User Not Known’ . We can’t contact you directly because the e-mail address is invalid. A refund has already been issued to Paypal.


All things bright and beautiful



















Got a Buzz-Buzz from my tablet this morning and was happy to see it was a message from Parcel Motel telling me there was something waiting for collection. So, happy feet out of bed, a quick cat’s lick of a face wash and off I went. Luckily, my local PM is only a few minute’s drive away.

This was the wonderful delivery. All the way from America. Aren’t the colours lush? Aren’t they wonderful? A rainbow in a box.

So, why from America? Well, there are only a couple of shops I know of that sell them in Ireland and they aren’t local. The ones I’m thinking of are about an hour’s drive away, pretty much in Dublin. That’s too far to go for a couple of skeins of floss. And, I wouldn’t be spending so much on embroidery floss.

They sell for about €2.15 per skein so if I wanted to buy in bulk to make the journey worthwhile and purchase the 36 skeins (the picture shows 2 each of 18 colours, ie, 36 skeins), it would cost me €77.40 plus petrol and a toll charge two ways. Probably about €90 if the trip was made just for them. Not that I would make such a journey JUST for floss.

I went online to Amazon. The set above, with exchange from euro to sterling and shipping came to €22. The supplier is in the US.

There was a time when the words ‘This supplier does not deliver to Ireland’ were final and would dash any hope of getting them so cheaply. But, these days, seeing them is no deterrent.

Since Parcel Motel set up its headquarters in Belfast, which is part of the UK, I can order and have them delivered to PM which then delivers to the Republic. The Parcel Motel registration fees and charges are very reasonable and when  €90 is set against €22, you can see how big the savings can be. Huge.

I love Parcel Motel and I love Amazon. I love my new set of DMC flossies! Happy Clappy!


Applique Hares











Just sharing a little work in progress here. This is the bottom panel for a small decorative cushion I’m making. The hares are  cut from a wool fabric and appliquéd onto creamy linen. It still needs some extra details and will probably add a chain daisy or two and stem stitch amongst the cluster of French Knots.

Using my template again (Bondaweb onto fabric, draw round template, cut out and iron on), I made a start on a panelled piece. It’s made up from oddments of cream linen because I didn’t have any big pieces left. If you pick out one thread and pull it out carefully (ie, don’t let it snap), you’ll get a straight line that you can cut along and keep the bits fairly well squared off. I did this with all four sides on each panel.

I dampened the joined panels and dripped watercolour paints to give some colour-washed areas. I’ve given the blue area some water ripples having decided against French Knot clouds…  I think eleventy-billion knots might be too many…

newharesI thought about other stitches as  there are so many beautiful ones to choose from. One of my favourite sites is Sarah’s Hand Embroidery Tutorials .

I often enjoy looking at her wonderful galleries of stitches over a glass of wine in the evening.

Anyway,enjoy what’s left of the weekend and be happy.


Rosy Posy













Isn’t this rosy posy sweet?

The pattern is so simple:

Round 1: Make a chain of around 25 – 30, for  a small one, 30 – 40 for a medium or 40 to 50 for a large.

Round 2: Make a DC into the fourth chain from the hook, then a DC into every chain back to the beginning

Round 3: Chain 2, then * 1 Dc into next stitch, 2 DC into next* to the end of the row

Round 4: Change the colour yarn to contrast with the main colour then * Chain 1, SC next, Ch 1* to the end

Finish off

Curl the crochet into roses and use the yarn tails to weave them into place – all done.

Anyway, time to go. I have recently discovered Penny Dreadful. We watched a couple of episodes from series 2 (or 3?) and were both too interested to keep waiting a week for the next instalment so bought the boxed set for a proper binge. Hooked in an entirely different way!


Crocodile Stitch










If you crochet you’ll probably know what this stitch is at a glance. I’ve admired it for some time and have been trying to ‘get’ it for a long time. Well, I finally have. It’s clicked and I can now happily hook row upon row of beautiful scales. I watched a video on YouTube by BellaCoco and she just did it for me. We all have different learning styles but she was the one who spoke mine.

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