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Sweet Williams













We are basking in a veritable heatwave here in Ireland. It’s glorious.

Every last little thing that can be washed has been through the washing machine and dried in the open air. You know how lovely the fresh air scent in clean washing is.

The neighbours must think I’m mad. As I unpeg the washing I gather up towels and sheets and take big sniffs of them before popping them in the wash basket.

I snipped a few beautiful Sweet Williams to bring a little bit of the garden indoors. The teapot is  Polish pottery that has lost its lid. Too pretty to just throw away – don’t you agree? It makes a lovely ‘vase’.

Before I go, a little funny story for you. I went for a tinkle only to find a bee in the bathroom (all the windows are open with this lovely weather). I keep a special wooly-fibre duster on a stick for bees as they often fly into the conservatory and not find their way out again. I waft the duster beside them and the little bristles on their legs just catch long enough for me to poke the duster out of the window and let them fly free. So that’s what I did and the bee flew off.

Then, still wanting a tinkle, I pulled down the necessaries and sat down only to hear the bee buzzing behind me having flown back in again. Talk about feeling vulnerable!

Neither bee nor bottom were hurt in the ensuing moments and the bee was gently hooshed out to carry on with proper bee business and leave me to mine. Lol.

Hope you’re having a lovely day wherever you are. x

Illustrator Tutorials, Tutorials

Shapebuilder and Pathfinder ways to create a compound element (Free PDF tutorial)
















Do you ever get ratty with the Shapebuilder tool? The longer you use it, the slower and more painful it becomes? Pathfinder is your friend. Download the free PDF tutorial on how to use the Shapebuilder tool and, my preferred method, using functions from the Pathfinder menu.

Tutorial PDF

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