Bee Cake

The cake got finished and is delicious. It’s not strictly a lemon madeira, more that it is very similar to a lemon madeira but nicer, IMHO.

The bee hive is of simple construction – I’m sure you can see at a glance how it was made: yellow fondant icing rolled into coils and wrapped around the cake. The daisies are made from white fondant popped out of flower cutters. Time was short and it had to be finished by 10.00 so there wasn’t time for anything too detailed or difficult so it had to be relatively informal. The end result was very lovely and I was relieved and delighted it had turned out so pretty.

I’m thinking the cake mix would do well in little bundt tins and topped with frosted primrose petals or other edible flower petals (edible is the operative word here. Wash and pat dry on kitchen roll, brush them with egg white and dip in fine caster sugar. Leave them to dry and then use them to decorate your cakes and bakes).

The cake was delivered just in time: my friend’s daughter was just round to pick her up and whisk her off to a garden centre. Her face lit up! She called round later to say it was delicious and thank me again! That was nice and I was made up.

Finally finished a teapot cosy that was made back in… dunno. Victorian times… well, a while ago. It simply needed ribbon inserting for the tie at the top and elastic in the bottom. Both two minute jobs but had been left forever. So, procrastination – no thanks- positive action, Yes Please, and I got on with it. All cosied up with a teapot and ready for active service now.

I’m sitting here listening to Radio 4 and delighted that my favourites are all available:

  • I’ve Never seen Star Wars
  • The News Quiz
  • The Unbelievable Truth
  • Bleak Expectations
  • Wordaholics

There are others, these are just my first glance down the screens. Comedy is the best. Love comedy and on that note I was shocked to read that Victoria Wood died yesterday. Such sad, sad news. Dinner Ladies is often repeated on the telly and I can watch it again and again and still laugh, snicker, snirtle and snort.

In memory to Victoria Woods a tiny couple of lines from the brilliant ‘Dinnerladies’:

‘You’re not pregnant then?’ ‘Not unless sperm can get through a sash window’.

Pressure at work can affect your sex life, they did a questionnaire [reading] “Are you too busy to have an orgasm?”Orgasm? I’ve not blown my nose since Wednesday!

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