Gone potty

Happy Sunday to you.

Have you been busy today or taking it easy? I mowed the lawn, strimmed round and helped Smiffs shift a load of stuff to organise the tools and other things still needed for the million of jobs left to do to get straight following the recent work we had done.

I found time to finish the door number plate I posted a little while ago: Stencil.  After cutting the stencil in vinyl, Smiffs weeded it for me and ran masking tape strips across it to keep the design together. Obviously, the negative, ie, the area cut out, was the space to paint in.

After sticking it down on the tile, I used spray paint to lightly spritz the design and repeated the spritzing a few more times over a number of  hours, allowing drying time between each coating.  Finally, the outer vinyl was peeled and weeded off leaving a crisp, clean, sharp-outlined design. The four white dots in the corners are for the pilot holes to be drilled when it gets mounted. We chose some nice dome-headed screws for that job. Am very pleased with it. It’s a lot more work than perhaps it looks, though. Its simplicity is very deceptive.

I had to finish the pot above as it was commissioned for Saturday morning. I used a vintage image from the Graphics Fairy and Mod Podge as the transfer method. Round the other side of the pot are the words ‘Happy Birthday from ****’ in Brockscript which is a free font, at least it is from Da Font.  The lady is celebrating her ninetieth. I do hope she likes it as much as the lady who ordered it.

Finally, I completed a paper cutting to celebrate a new baby:

I wanted to do something completely different and new but the lady who ordered it liked the elements I’d used in a couple of previous designs so here it is. It turned out well and she was delighted with it. The banner is obviously where the name went and looks a bit odd without something there!

Looks much nicer with the name cut out, obviously obscured a bit in Photoshop for privacy, but you get a better idea of the final effect.

The cutting is laid on a rich wool-mix tweed and was mounted in an Ikea white-framed Viserum. It did it proud and looked really pretty.

Well, a busy weekend. Dublin yesterday (still no mohair) but got some lovely Sirdar Soukie which is a polyester, acrylic and cotton mix with sequins in cream with a satiny golden thread woven in. It will make some pretty flower embellishments. As will Sirdar’s ‘Ophelia’ – described as ‘softest fur with glimpses of glitter’ – sounds delicious, doesn’t it?!. It’s a nice hairy, fuzzy wool and will produce wonderful crochet roses.

Crochet is coming along nicely. Am half way through a two-coloured chevron tea pot cosy. Not coming along any where nearly so well is Crocodile stitch that I am ineptly trying to achieve, let alone master. I tie myself up in knots trying to crochet a line of scales, never mind a whole tier or cascade of them. Very frustrating. It creates such a wonderful layered design and I’ve seen some great baby bootee patterns with it but it’s got me beaten for the moment. Practise makes perfect so must persevere and see how I get on. There are lots of You Tube videos so will try a few till I find one that ‘clicks’.

Anyway, time for tea and maybe watch something on the telly. Or might read. Or just fall asleep. The gardening, and the bath I had after, has left me a bit tired and a good dinner will probably zonk me out.

I’ll be curling up with Gracie! Enjoy what’s left of the weekend.

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