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Baby Bootees

Been busy making some new bootees and made these sweeties with little running rabbits – perfect for the time of year being so close to Easter.

I have the same rabbit theme running (literally, lol) around the top of the box!

The template includes a panel for the aperture (to be cut from acetate or other clear media). I left the acetate out of the box because it makes it  difficult to get a good shot of the bootees inside the box – I always end up with shadows and reflections. A  little tissue paper in the box would set them off beautifully, don’t you think?

They are  little dotes, aren’t they? These are just plain white with a little satin ribbon but could be embellished with pearl beads and other gorgeous things.

A quick close up of the box. The bootees and box are a perfect fit. Not too tight and not too loose. The template includes panel sides, each a couple of mm smaller than each of the four sides. If you make your box from stock that isn’t quite strong enough, you can reinforce them with the panels. This technique offers an economical way of decorating the box with your best paper while using your plainer stock for the box.

Making the bootees isn’t difficult but I have written up step-by-step instructions to ensure first time success and included them as a PDF.

If you’re interested in buying them, they are in my Etsy (Paper Pictures by Ellie Emyn) shop as SVG cutting files.

Thank you for looking.


New Baby Papercutting

This weekend I had an order for a babycut picture. Well, I love doing baby things and so it was a pleasure to get my girlie out on a frou-frou feminine papercutting for a new little girl. The name was so pretty! I put it up on Etsy and as it was a bespoke order, it went straight away so no time to show it off. Blink and you’d miss it.

I’d assumed that the name ‘Aurelia’ was a reference to the dawn (being 4.15am GMT) but having Googled, Wikipedia gave this definition:

Aurelia (also spelled Aurélia or Aurelija) is a feminine given name from the Latin family name Aurelius, which was derived from aureus meaning “golden”. The name began from minor early saints but was given as a name due to its meaning, and not from where it originated.

Still, how beautiful is that? Golden child! I hope I did the child and her family justice with the cutting. The gap is obviously where the surname was. What do you think? Above is the design created in Illustrator and below is a photo of the actual cutting:


Valentine’s Day

How was your Valentine’s Day? Hope it was a happy one. We stayed in, out of the cold – freezing cold – and watched old favourite movies and cooked a nice meal up together for tea.  Not romantic in the conventional sense of the word especially without chocs and flowers. They’re not my thing.

Smiffs bought me some things that made my heart sing, though. A Janome Bias Binder foot and a set of Janome Pin Tuck feet. That’s a really exciting present. He bought me something he knew would thrill me. That’s romance in my book. And I have a cord feed throat plate  (sounds a bit ominous, a bit S & M, doesn’t it?!) coming as well. Be assured it is a perfectly innocuous bit of sewing kit. It allows a thin cord to be drawn across the throat plate to help the pin tuck feet create a more-defined tuck by stitching around the cord as it goes along.

A bit of a prawn

Found out that both the girls love prawns. Started with me giving them tidbits of some Tiger Prawns I had for tea one evening. They circled me like sharks till they got some. Since then, I’ve had to find cheapy ones so I can give them at least one daily treat of this fishy fetish they’ve developed.

Luckily Tesco sell bags of economy frozen ones. I pop some in a bowl, cover with cling film, give them 30s full power in the microwave, pat them dry-ish with kitchen roll and give them a little serving each on a saucer. It’s do this or lose a leg, I’m sure. These girls are Ninjas!

Jess is the more demanding of the two. You’d think she hadn’t been fed for a week the way she meows and cries for her prawns to cook. Out of earshot we sometimes call her our little prawn star. Lol. Well, rods and backs and all that. You know how the saying goes.

Well, time to get back to other demands and sign off for now. Happy Monday to you!


Snail Trail

Tilda Snail and Dragonfly

I finally got round to making the Tilda snail and dragonfly. It’s fairly easy to make and quick to put together although I did go mad with sequins and beads on the dragonfly wings:

Lady Mary is still in a desperate state of undress but is looking less tired and emotional than in her last picture. Still, not the sort of publicity the daughter of an Earl would prefer:

Here she is, leaning against a lampost, groaning, ‘Oh My Head’.

She’s got some fiddly bits that make her hard to sew, unfortunately, and has had some bits unpicked a couple of times. Including her legs. Who’d have thought slim Lady Mary would have such wide hips and terrible cellulite?  And such a tall doll, too. She doesn’t lend herself to being photographed without being propped up and had to wedge her head on on a shelf to get these couple of shots. Ooh M’Lady! Would I be marched off the manor by Carson or what?!

I will finish her off (not in a Quentin Tarantino sort of way) and make her decent with some bloomers and a pretty frock of some kind. She still has that ‘opaque’ expression as you can see. And no hair. I have yet to follow the fantastic configuration of TV aerial  spikes to weave her hair around and create her hairpiece. (Google Tilda doll hair to see what I’m on about!).

Anyway, the intentions are good. I will finish her but… You know I said I have a crush *sigh* on Tilda ? I’m not sure if it’s the Tilda makes, per se,  or the books themselves that fire the passion. The photography and colour palettes are just exquisite. I never tire of just poring through the books. And have ordered three more from Amazon.

Trouble with Amazon is that you check out things on their site, ads for those items pop up in your browser when you’re innocently reading the news online, etc.  Not once but many times.  And, as Mae West said, I can resist everything but temptation. So I cave in and before I know it, they’re ordered and on their way. So, though I intend to finish Lady Mary the books (due today) will present a powerful distraction.

Door Number

I saw some slate door number plates in a local DIY store. They were the best part of €30 and a bit too pricy for me. But in the tiling section saw some tile samples – not slate but a matt, dark grey. Small squares were 1.35 each and large rectangles were about 3.00. I wished I’d bought one at the time but was on a mission to get other things and too preoccupied to see the potential…

…until I got home. Then *Ding-Dong* – inspiration called!  A large tile sample, one Cougar, a sheet of vinyl and some design inspiration from Craftsmanspace…

No chance to go back to the DIY place so it’s not been physically created yet but here is the design I will be using.

For information, the two side panels with the birds are from Knickerbocker Ornates on the Craftsmanspace site (Knickerbocker Ornates), the font for the numerals is Poor Richard (I think).

It’s been designed in Illustrator so is a fully scalable vector.

Rendering a text character into editable elements in Illustrator

The central circle with petal bits is an inner from a zero in the Decorative (that’s its name) font (free on Da Font or Font Squirrel). To create editable elements from font sets is very easy in Illustrator. I presume the functionality would be similar in applications like Inkscape but I only know how to do it in Illustrator:

  • Use the Text tool, type a character from ‘Decorative’ font
  • Switch to Selection tool and select the typed character
  • Go to the Type drop-down menu and select Create Outlines
  • Ungroup and delete the outer letterform leaving the inner petal bits

I will be cutting the design from a rectangle of vinyl (to the dimensions of the tile when I get it).

To finish the project:

  • Wash the tile with a detergent to remove any grubbins
  • Stick down the vinyl stencil
  • Spray paint or stencil the design with acrylic paints (or suitable paint for the surface of the material you’re using)

To mount them to the wall, we’ll probably drill and screw it in place but will first see if No More Nails (glue) is up to the job. Until we get the tile we can’t really make an informed decision.

Can’t see any reason why it shouldn’t work and will be loads cheaper than the ones I saw originally. I’m thinking that I might check out somewhere like TK MXX to see if there are any slate place mats or something along those lines that might work as well or better.

Will post picture of the end result in a few days (hopefully!).


If you would like an SVG of the template, leave a comment and I will send to you but seeing as it’s a number ten, it’s probably of little use to most and easier to create your own. However, if you do, you can have – just leave a comment.

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