Happy New Year

A warm welcome to this new year. The end of 2015 ended on a terrific high and so did the start of 2016. I have an embarrassment of riches (figuratively speaking!) and am feeling happy and blessed. I hope you are as fortunate as me!

I got some absolutely gorgeous fabric and will be sewing from here to eternity by the looks of things. There wasn’t much chance to do any sewing  over the Christmas break but did manage to fit a tote bag into this weekend.

The fabric came from Ikea. The colours are glorious and juicy, aren’t they? The wooden handles were from a ‘C’ shop bag bought for a huge 50c. The bag is lined with Ikea curtain lining, a plain calico colour. It was finished off with a boxed-bottom to make it easier to pack things in.

I got lovely presents but the best present of all was having both of my boys and their girlfriends here together. It was a bit of a surprise but a hugely happy one.

The cats got spoiled, well, more spoiled than usual, and got cat nip and radiator beds from Cat Santa. Being cats, they were contrary about them but am sure they’ll eventually favour some time to their radiator-hung snugs.

And so here’s Jess. Not in one but in her favourite chair, instead. Too comfy looking to disturb and she was snoozing soon after I took the photo. A day in a cat’s life can be very wearisome, you know. They need lots of naps to save up the energy for a proper cat sleep later.

Haven’t made any resolutions but have joined a Crime Thriller book club at the library. The first book of the year is ‘The Disappeared’ by Kristina Ohlsson. I have to have it read by the first week of Feb and have made a good start. I have to confess that the Swedish names with their various accents, umlauts and such, and not being able to pronounce them (I hear words in my head as I read or write) makes it difficult to keep a track of the characters. I’ll get there, though.

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