Who’s living in your garden? Or, who’s been sleeping in my shed?

I got up yesterday morning to see veils of white over hedges and bushes all over the garden! Of course, they’re dewy cobwebs but goes to show just how many spiders (along with all the other little creatures) we share our homes and gardens with. The pic above is my Catoniasta wearing what looks like a huge collection of hairnets.

The pic below is a lovely big Rosemary bush. More hairnets or lots of little garden ghosts caught in spider traps. I listened closely but couldn’t hear any wailing or rattling of chains so I don’t really think so.

As the day warmed up, the dew evaporated and the webs returned to their gossamy cloak of invisibility (which they wear for Good and not evil) and let the spiders go about their business catching those horrible flies for their num-num soup!

Great British Bake Off

Did anyone see the Great British Bake Off last night? Sad to see Flora go. It’s sad to see any of them go, for that matter.

I laugh at the way Tamal anthromorphises his bakes ‘Come on guys, there’s a lot resting on your pastry shoulders – take up the responsibility’. Ha, Ha!

Nadiya frets and worries but has a tremendous practical and pragmatic approach to all the challenges. She’s eminently sensible, thinks through the challenges with logical deduction and still experiments with design, flavour, colour, etc. Chewing gum flavour was a bit off the wombat for the GBBO, though!

Ian  – well, put me off with his Road Kill bake the other week. Nuff said.

Anyway, I’m rooting for Nadiya and can’t wait for next week. So exciting!

Back soon with some pics and pattern to make Christmas pear decorations. I’m hoping to have the time to make a small garland with at least one partridge (you can see where I’m going with this now) in between the pears to hang on a little tree.

Bye for now!

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