September already. This year has flown by. And glad of it, too. Not been the best of years so am already looking forward to 2016! And haven’t even had Christmas yet!

I went back through my archives to see what I was getting up to all the Septembers since I started this blog:


Lots of actual and digital artwork. My passion for Photoshop and Illustrator has never gone away. I love them like crazy. Lots of papercrafting – it was the year I made the Christmas pergola! (Pergola pezazz).


Still lots of digital artwork but sewing was creeping in…. and I made that year’s Christmas cake and posted my favourite cake recipe: Cherry and remembered how much I enjoyed creating the colourful graphic to go with it! Very jollybob cherries!

It was also the sad time when my beautiful Tom, Homer, died. His lovely bones are buried in a big blue pot planted with lavender and mint, watched over by a tall Buddha in the garden. Sometimes I stroke the minty leaves or crush a little lavender to release the perfume and say Hello to him.


Still papercrafting and enjoying playing with kinetic cards and X-forms: Snowflake card.


Less papercraft but lots more sewing, furniture makeovers (Modge Podge Rocks – Dresser) and baking like bonkers. Party-mad cupcakes, biscuits and bracks – those were the big bakes for me that year!


Sewing (ethnic clothes – harem pants, Japanese Bento bags, kimono sleepwear…), teapot cosies, phone cases, painted plant pots, digital art and crochet (loomed large for a while but am kind of hooked off with it for the time being – despite having the equivalent of a field of sheep – well, their wooly fleeces, in one of my cupboards – but I’ll get hooked in again, I’m sure).


And this year papercrafting has taken over again. It’s not surprising, I LOVE stationery! Drawing pads, sketchbooks, notebooks…. pens and pencils… Gels, Sakura souffles, glitter pens, Sharpies, fine points, Zig Calligraphy pens, beautiful enamelled fountain pens with gold nibs, Silver Macintosh-design pens, Rotring, Staedlers, Faber Castells, watercolour crayons, Inktense… it’s a love affair that has never died (or ever will, I’m sure!). I CANNOT walk past Arnotts in Dublin without going in and checking Paperchase. Heaven. I swear I’d re-mortgage the house if I didn’t have cash on me!

But this year, papercrafting is slightly different -papercutting with a scalpel has proven to be a BIG passion this Summer/September. I have an old school desk (Deskwork) -old as in OLD. I bought it from an antique shop over twenty years ago. It was a school-issued one made from hardwood with a really tough steel tubular supporting frame. The lid lifts up with a big storage compartment inside. The top has a hole where an inkwell should go but no inkwell, sadly. It has a fold down integral bench as well.

It was given some stencilled gussying up and the frame was painted but I’ve since rubbed the stencil work off and looking for inspiration to do something different now.

Anyway, the sloping desk makes for a comfortable place to get a design, some paper, a cutting mat and a scalpel and just zen an afternoon away in perfect absorption. And so my scalpel, blades, steel rulers, pencils, tracing paper, etc, etc, etc, are kept safe and accessible.

So, this September is really about papercutting with a little bit of sewing here and there!

I re-did the ‘I love You bunny’ and gave it a more beautiful and detailed fill. I’m going to sell an actual papercut of it on Etsy and list it this evening along with a papercut of ‘I went to sleep’:

They’re both going to be limited editions – I think 5 is a good number.

Nearly forgot to mention that most dry evenings lately, we’ve had bats in the garden!!!!!!!!!! They are seriously cool!

Anyway, time to go! Be good and have fun!

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