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Hello Dare! I was very brave this morning and hung out two washloads on the line. The outdoors! But am now feeling that it might not have been the best decision…  First thing, the sun was smiling, really beaming,  but now the sky is grey. To add to the fretting, I keep ‘hearing’ the sound of rain – except that I don’t – it’s just paranoia and auditory hallucinations. A bit like the Blackpool Hallucinations, only visual.

Anyway, just so you know that I give my all to my art, I managed to sever an artery cutting my latest piece. (Hence the title, home is where the art – arterial bleeding – is).  I exaggerate. It just felt like it but the volume of blood lost was enough to make me faint even if the sight of it didn’t. I’m full of porkies today, aren’t I? I’m not squeamish, I didn’t faint and was perfectly able and up to dealing with it. My quilty pockets kitchen roll mopped it up admirably and saved the day and the carpet.

Anyway, I was cutting my latest design, ingeniously and intriguingly called ‘Home’ on account of the word ‘Home’ in the design (no shit Sherlock), and persevered (notice that word ‘sever’ in there?) even though my scalpel blade was a bit blunt. For information, you’re more likely to damage the paper cut design and / or yourself with a blunt blade than a sharp one.

So, knowing this, I stupidly, carried on. Even though looking at the design I knew that I wanted to re-do sections of it. Even though it was as much fun as chewing cotton wool (do you get that really bad mouth feeling if you imagine biting cotton wool? uurgh!).

Part of the problem for me is that I hate and fear changing my scalpel blades. They are extremely sharp and are of surgical quality. They would perform a certain Jewish ceremony in the blink of an eye and remove a couple of cataracts in the duration if you got too close trying to get a look in – nearly said ‘Butchers’.

I just don’t have an easy knack of changing them and find the whole operation (ha ha) one of such intense concentration that when I actually try to, I would put a bomb defusal expert to shame for acting like a flibbertygibbert. Well, says me, anyhoo. And I’m the one who nearly had a home like a murder investigation so I’m qualified to say. Besides, this is my blog, my play pen so my rules. (Am up me own arse today, aren’t I?).

This was the final and ‘best’ design held up against the window. In real life, the papercut comes to life and has an almost translucent quality when offered up to the light but cameras don’t see things the same way so here it is looking dark and opaque. But it has its own charm. IMHO.

This was the heap of disjectamenta. No bandages or blood spillage. No transfusion bags, even though I have donated over 25 times so should be owed at least one back by now.

I gave up on the cutting as it was so laborious. Really must ALWAYS use a sharp blade. Press, pull, press and pull again, still not cut… A right CHORE.

And also, I wasn’t happy with the design. Certain elements displeased me. You know how it is. Once your eye sees things that aren’t right, you can’t unsee them. Then it’s like the Princess and the Pea. Can’t settle until the offending element is removed. Though, in the case of the princess, the problem would have been solved with a pair of Tenna Lady incontinence pants without all the fuss of turning her mattress and remaking the bed.

New watercolour crayons

But there was another bright spot (the sunshine being the other – which, btw, seems to have re-appeared – Yay!). St Parcel of Motel had something for me to collect. Staedler crayons with ABS!!!  Yes!

ABS (wikipedia)

Anti-lock braking system (ABS) is an Aquaelle water colour crayon safety system that allows the lead in a water-colour crayon to maintain tractive contact with the paper surface according to artist inputs while braking, preventing the crayon from locking up and avoiding uncontrolled skidding and scribbling.

That’s right – my crayons are totally Top Gear. They have ABS.

More porkies. They DO have ABS. However, it actually means Anti-BREAK System  ‘for uninterrupted creativity’. Actually, that’s not always so welcome. I kind of like the odd interruption – cup of tea. Cup of coffee. Quick visit or a pop round. Bit of cake. Fig roll biscuits (proper ones – Jacobs). Good interruptions. Not annoying or bad ones. Ding Dongs at the door from stranger-dangers. I am always mindful of the good advice from Moss (IT Crowd) ‘A happy door is a closed door’:

Moss: This is London, Jen. It’s not someone with cake. Unless that cake is made of dog poo and knives.

Such wisdom in one so young.

The crayons are ‘Ergosoft’, water colour Aquaelles so will do a bit of sketching and painting when I get some free time later on. They look fab and have given me a happy head and made me a bit fizzy. I can’t concentrate for the nonsense inside myself today as a result!

Also, painted this pot for a neighbour. It’s planted up with a gorgeous Hebe which suits the pot shape and size perfectly.

As well as some water colour painting and sketching this evening, I have a queue of stuff recorded on the box. The Great British Bake Off – Superb! So sorry Ugnes had to go (it was in the papers); she was something special and so fun. And the Jo Brand Friday show about TGBBO which is always a good laugh.

Have also got a few ‘8 out of 10 Cats’, My Haunted House, Drew Pritchard and his Salvage Hunting and I must ‘fess Up, Abby Lee Dance Moms or whatever the latest offering is…. I so love that show. I’m an A. L. Junkie.

Well, confessional time is over. And, so that, today, is that.


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  • Frenchie
    January 31, 2017 3:27 am

    You are so talented. I wish I could do half the stuff that you do. Clever clogs.

    • webmaster
      January 31, 2017 8:16 am

      Thanks Kathie. I’ve always liked clogs.

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