You’ve Been Framed

Here it is, framed and hung on the kitchen wall. And, here’s a coincidence for you – Gracie caught a mouse the day I posted the paper cutting. To my knowledge, she’d never caught one before. Birds, Yes (sadly). She came tear-arsing into the kitchen with something dangling from her mouth… then I saw it was a mouse.  She plopped it down  in front of me (I think it was a present) and the mouse made a run for it. I tried to shoo the mouse in the direction of the door to try to save it but Gracie was too quick and the mouse was a-dangle again and ran away with to its sad fate.

And here she is. Butter wouldn’t melt, would it?!

Meant to post this the other day, from the BBC online news:

The over-riding strategy appears to be not to get dragged into another long war in the Middle East. So that means a limit to “boots on the ground”. The US has about 3,000 trainers in Iraq.

What is the US military doing issuing their troops trainers and not boots?! Lol.

Anyhoo, must go. Got another plant pot to design and paint. Another ‘cat’ theme (clap hands) but this time with a door number. Lovely!

Have a good weekend!

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