Sunshine is yellow, the future is orange

More paper cutting. Today is the best day ever – that’s a great start to the day. This one is to be framed today and will hang in the stair well – that way I get to see it first thing and all throughout the day. As Aunty Flo says, ‘Baptise each day a success’ and expect good things. So I do. But sometimes need a reminder! I have to go out for some coloured card to back the cutting onto. I quite like the juicy orange in the pic above but it doesn’t exactly go with anything. MisterE is holding it up for a shot against some dark wood in the picture below – obviously the contrast sets it off but it doesn’t suit the sentiment. A lovely rich dark cherry red would be lovely. I’ll see what’s available.

I’m probably going to add ‘Today Is’ one to my Etsy Shop but will have to do that this evening.

**** No Joy ****

The local A & H shop had nothing special, sadly, so am going with the baby blue. It does look smashing, though I say it myself… well, if you can’t love your own baby, what can you love??!

I also finished off this ‘Just Be  Happy’ and have the same problem. All of my backing cards are a bit earthy and kind of dull for such joy!

Well, hasn’t the sun just come out?! Time to get out there before I get rickets. Byeee.

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