Sunshine in a cup

Things I love: sunshine, sunflowers and tea. This latest paper cut has them all and it’s called – surprise, surprise,  ‘Sunshine in a cup’. The yellow backing card just isn’t vibrant or juicy enough and am on a mission to visit the one and only local ‘crafty’ place round here to see if they have any nice stock today.  It’s to be framed, and, as you know, the mount and the frame make all the difference to the final piece.

Here it is against a dark background. Plenty of contrast but doesn’t suit the Sunshine in a Cup image (IMHO).

Against a gorgeous inky indigo blue grungy background. Contrast is good but definitely not appropriate (again, just my ever-so-‘umble opinion).

A gratuitous extra picture just to give MisterE some limelight (ha ha).

The template be in my Etsy shop tonight if you fancy a cup of sunshine yourself!

Have a sunshiny day wherever you are!

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