Potted History

I was asked to decorate a plant pot for the home of a new baby girl. The name was a new one to me but is, apparently, an ancient Gaelic one. I looked it up on Google to find out how to pronounce it (Thir-in) and found the mythology and cultural history documented here: Wikipedia  and here: Irish_Culture. I love fairy stories and mythology so read about the hounds of Finn and enjoyed engaging in the process.

The pot is a large one and came in the traditional terracotta colour so my first job was to paint it. I used a creamy eggshell, inside and out. The stencil came next. The family love cats and, of course, have one so that decided the theme. I looked around the web for inspiration, found something that I liked the look of then created my own, adding the name and date using a Celtic-style font. Naturally, green was used to celebrate an Irish baby! It’s turned out grand and will, hopefully – fingers, legs and eyes all crossed – be well received.


New homes and being thankful to have a home (I was dismayed to read that the Mayor of New York sees homelessness as a ‘lifestyle choice’ and encouraging passers by to photograph pictures of those sleeping rough and post them online to shame them).

Anyway, I always Give Thanks for my bed at night, that I have warmth, comfort and a roof over my head. Especially when I hear the rain slashing down and the wind blowing a hooley round the chimney pots and howling about like a Banshee. Am not being pious or Holier-Than-Thou just something I always feel grateful for.

We moved to our current home a couple or so years ago now. I’ve said before, there are lots of things to be done and they all cost money, some of it big money, but we got the house at a reasonable price for being in need of some refurbishment so am not complaining. But I’m human and do sometimes and then think, you know, girl, you’re dead lucky to have a house. It may be shabby but it’s solid and big. I have a lot to be thankful for so stop complaining and give it some love! Ungrateful mare that I am some times!

In this spirit of thankfulness, I made the little ‘Home’ papercutting to hang in the kitchen to remind me to appreciate what I’ve got instead of what I haven’t got. The grass is always greener….


Papercutting produces a lot of ‘confetti’. It gets everywhere. Little pointy jaggy bits snag in wooly cardi’s and drop off here there and everywhere and so I found this intriguing cut-away. Hmmm. Where did that come from? I knew it was a recent cut and probably the ‘Home’ as I am fairly meticulous about vacking up after myself. My home does not have drifts or piles of paper snippings housing families of cormorants, set-squares and slide rules like a mathematician’s beard.

A ,ittle detective work and – Aha! That’s where it came from!


I designed it to fit this old frame that I got from a charity shop. The picture is a little dark – it is much more baked bean coloured than it seems here. My mission over the next few evenings is to get the frame rubbed down and painted. I will show you the end result in due course.


My Other bought me this mug on Amazon. It had two listings. One for £5.95. The other was for £30. Yes, thirty!!! Sterling. Well, the choice was obvious. But how on earth could it ever have been justified at 30? It’s an enamel mug. I have a certain superstition about what a new mug signifies… I can’t tell you because it will break the spell but I am hoping the new mug promise will hold true.

It’s a beautiful mug and I love it. Thank You my OH.

AND talking of thanks – MORE THANKS – I put the ‘Mastermind’ chair on Jumbletown recently (It wouldn’t be chair friends with the ergonomic computer stool so had to go). Jumbletown is a forum where you give things away, for free. Things you have no room for or no longer need. You’d be amazed at how resourceful people are in transforming and giving new purpose or a new lease of life to unwanted bits and bobs and old furniture. Check the site out: Jumbletown

Anyhoo, I’ve given stuff away on it before many a time. Like I say, for free. And the people who have collected have been polite and sometimes heartwarmingly thankful. But the person who came for the Mastermind Chair gave me three scratchcards! It was unexpected and just cheered me up no end! He was delighted with the chair and the cards gave us €8 and a Free Go. A cheerful giver and cheerful receiver am I.


I got an e-mail from a lady who bought a couple of templates from me and shared pictures of her finished models (3D pram and Bootees) on a Cricut forum she is a member of. I was very touched she did this and let me know and delighted she was happy with her templates.

Naturally, I thanked her but wished I’d asked for pictures of the models so I could show you them here… maybe I’ll get back to her and ask!

Anyway, must go. That coal won’t wash itself, you know! Hey – the sun is SHINING!!! I must be very blessed today! Ha ha!

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