Here You go! Jazzy or what?! A few metres of fabby fabrics there!  The orange/grey and yellow flowers is very retro. I like it. It will earn its keep, I’m sure. The white and lilac is a fairly ‘neutral’, pretty in an  inoffensive kind of way. Useful to have. It doesn’t compete but stands back like a gentle wallflower. Sweeet.

BUT, who does grab the attention?! Isn’t the black with rainbow zig-zags just in -your-face JAZZY! It’s a colour high, it’s a lift me up, spin me round and spank my bottom in a loud party-mad kind of way! Juicy, vibrant and bonkers! I love it! Just what I needed.

Christmas is getting to me

Also, fairly snazzy, I bought some ribbon and a length of silver ‘beads’ (my beading foot is getting itchy!).

I can’t believe I am actually thinking about Christmas. I saw these happy doodats in Tigerrrr – purple sequins and gold rik-rak on sweet little wooden (maybe!) spools. Destined to adorn some Christmas Samsara decorations and garlands… I think some cinnamon or Christmas spicy scent will add to the festive ambience for the next clutch of birdies.


TK MAXX. Who doesn’t love TK? It’s a great mooch around. An eclectic emporium of everything from clothing to clocks, cookware to foot wear, glad rags and handbags, shoes, pews and Barney McGrews! Can spend a lot of time (and money) there but always with a cheerful heart as they sell the most gorgeous things.

I  spotted then developed a real crush, real quick on these doorknobs. I know exactly where these guys are going. Hot press and the wardrobe across from it on the landing. We’re doing the house up bit by bit and done loads but have a way to go yet!

The floorboards in the pic – manky but living with them till we get a belt sander then they’re being stripped back and re-varnished. Until then, they’re a convenient surface for where we paint plant pots and Modge things…  it’s another extension to my mad bats-in-the-belfry craft stations.

We could use the shed – or we could have – except it’s set up for paint spraying and is draped with drop cloths and plastic sheetings over the windows. We have more projects than I can shake a stick at so will be glad when we can start moving furniture back into the house and clearing some space in there. Anyway, back to the doorknobs – don’t you just adore the brown, striped paper packaging?

Talking of packaging, I want to thank the guy at Tiger who wrapped my purchases (including the little boxes of licorice seasalt – OMG, gorgeous) in tissue paper.

I fell in love with the stripy cat design and he folded up a few sheets and gave them to me! Joy!


And, remember the glue – the problems with the very-nearly €30 3M spray and the other, the Bostik, that came out like jets of string? Art & Hobby Craft refunded the money for the Bostik €14.99) as I had the receipt for it and exchanged the 3M for a new tin of 3M (no problems with it) , so a big shout out to the staff there for being absolute smashers. Ta!

Then, to top it all, Obsession was on a special down to €31 for the eau de parfum and my other half bought me a bottle.

I am blessed and thankful!

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