Time in a bottle – papercut


Well, Wednesday already. Time chugs by. What’s that saying? Ah Yes, Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana. Lol.

I finished this papercutting last night and it references the song of the same name by Jim Croce. You can hear it on You Tube: If I could save time in a bottle

See my Etsy shop  PaperCrinkles if you would like to buy the file.

Here it is almost weeded but still with little bits to spear or snick with the point of my scalpel.

The smallest cuts are those in the wing of this bird. I may revisit and increase the size a bit.

And the confetti debris … No outfit complete without cat hair. No papercutting complete without confetti EVERYWHERE. I try to catch as much as I can with a large piece of paper at the side of the cutting mat but there are always little bits scattered here and there. I have my vac ( a Miele…  I hope the boycott police aren’t spying on me (see the news re. Eurozone/Greece bailout/etc). It’s the best vac for pet hair I’ve ever had). No matter how well I vac you will  find teeny tiny letters and lacy little cuts in all sorts of places around my home. On the stairs, bathroom floor, under furniture. Bet I’ve got a full set of characters for War and Peace in my bellybutton as I type.

It needs mountboard and a frame  but a quick local lookabout round the shops came up empty. Think I’ll have to go to Dublin to look around the charity shops and/or stop off at Ikea on the way home and see what they have.

I’m keeping this one but am thinking of creating a jpg / pdf format of the design and selling it on Etsy. I can always customise the banner or find a way of incorporating some personal details into the design… the banner is the perfect place for a name, date or location (first kiss?, date of wedding, proposal, where the question got popped…)   it would be such a boost of confidence if somebody liked it enough to buy it.

Anyway, have a listen to the track. It’s beautiful.

Now I’m off to return a tin of Fast Tac spray glue that I bought yesterday, sprayed today and came found that it spat silly string instead of a fine mist. 14.99. Too dear to put up with that sort of outrageous glue rudeness.

Also going to get a replacement for a tin of 3M that I paid €28.90 for. Yes. A tin of frigging glue. This glue erupted like Vesuvius and blobbed out like, well, blobby stuff. I bought it maybe a month ago but hadn’t used it until the weekend. Tried cleaning the nozzle but it just kept erupting and yukking down the tin.

I’m beginning to think they don’t sell a lot of glue and this stuff sits on the shelves (high up well out of reach) for ever!

I didn’t keep the receipt but it does have the shop sticker with the price stuck on the tin. When I bought the silly string I asked if I could exchange the other without the receipt – she said YES, whoo-hoo! So money back on the 14.99 and ex for the tin of 3M and I should be happy. In the meantime, I found a tin of Ghiani and used that. No bothers.

Finally, a ‘cutting’ from a paper a week or so ago (I read the BBC news and follow links to stories wherever:


Poor little flea! Anyway, poor little me until I get my glue money sorted out! Byeee.

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5 Responses to Time in a bottle – papercut

  1. perry says:

    lovely song xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Mema says:

    Hello you, and such a long time since I disappeared from the world. I’d like to say I’ve been in prison, so much more enthralling than just “I haven’t been too well”, but it would be a total lie. I am loving all your ventures into artistic creation, they are so lovely. I do hope you have success of the financial variety. such a filip to the soul knowing your creation has stirred someone’s imagination to the point of needing to own it. Keep on doing what you are doing, it is food for your soul if no one else’s. I still haven’t found out what that piece of music in Columbo that you asked about is, but I never give up. It is music that has kept me going through some dark nights of the soul, but hey, I bounced.

    Take care Hel

    • webmaster says:

      Heylo Dare Mema! I am delighted to hear from you again. Sounds like you’ve been through some ordeal – I hope you’re fully better and dancing round the kitchen again. You – in prison – there’s a thought! Ha. Can’t imagine any of us crafting ladies ending up in prison – unless we were guilty of Birdgate Crimes… (if you don’t know of the saga of DD and THE bird Google… it made pages and pages and pages of posting on the Two Peas website. Sadly gone now but it was such a laugh. No pearl clutching or Miss Lemons there… very ribald at times but so funny.
      Look after yourself and hopefully keep in touch – and blow the cobwebs off the QuerkyKeyboard!
      Hel x

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