The World is Yours

Hello World! This is my latest papercut. A couple of details, such as the surname, have been blotted out for obvious reasons but apart from them, it is done. It is called ‘The World is Yours’.

I have one more to do for a Christopher baby so will make a similar design for him. They take a fair (I’m knackered) bit of time but when they’re done and it’s all intact without any connecting structures cut through, the end result is tremendously rewarding.

Also, the rocking chair is nearly done so that reveal is to come soonish. Next day or so. Still got the seat pad cushion to make but that won’t take long at all. Excited to get it finished!

Speak soon!

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3 Responses to The World is Yours

  1. Louise says:

    Wow, this is stunning papercut. Do you accept commissions for these?

    • webmaster says:

      I will be – yes. I am tentatively toying with listing some on Etsy and am trying to get the nerve up to do it. Thank you for asking – if you’re really interested in something, PM me and we’ll see what you want and whether I can do it and how much, etc.

    • webmaster says:

      Wow – erm… yes I probably do! I’m tentatively thinking about listing some on Etsy – personalised ones like new baby ones with name, DOB, weight etc. If you’re serious, PM me and I’ll see what you want and whether I can do it and how much, etc.

      Thank you for your interest and hope to hear from you again.

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