Little Lavender Lovelies

Scotty Dawg

Remember that kilo of dried lavender I bought? Well, have nearly used the first 500g bag of it. Someone asked me to make a bunch of sachets and stuffies (eight) and here are the first few. I wanted to make them all a little different just for fun. This scotty dawg is made with cotton and has a black velvet ribbon  so he can hang nicely in the wardrobe.

Samsara Baby Birdies

These are addictive to make. I love the juicy colours. the playing with the different stitches, the feathering up their bunches of satin ribbon tails, the spotty beads to thread the hanging ribbon through. Absolutely LOVE it. So, though I’ve made probably twenty something of these pretty birdies, I’m still really having a ball with them.

And I’m in lavender heaven. The air of peace and serenity is very special, indeed… until I look at the carpet and see lots of little bits of dried lavender all over the carpet. Which, unfortunately, look a bit like mouse droppings so that peace and serenity is going to be disturbed by Mr Vac as soon as I finish my cup of tea.

Still, can’t make an omelet without cracking a few eggs.

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