Just Be

Just Be

This design is destined to be another foray into the art of Scherenschnitte, or Paper Cutting. I call it ‘Just Be’ because I realised that I enjoy the weediness in my garden. A weed is just an unwanted flower and there is nothing in my garden that is unwanted so those weeds that I cultivate in the cracks in the entry, the clover and ribwort plantain, etc, do not have to be justified as ‘flowers’. They can just be.

Similarly, we need to all cut ourselves some slack and allow ourselves to just be, so it is apt in that respect. We don’t need to strive to achieve some ‘ideal’ (unattainable) pinnacle of beauty. Be healthy. Be happy and love yourself exactly as you are.

Child of the Universe

Soap Box Moment

There was a clip from yet another Reality Show where someone stated that they ‘don’t like unattractive’ people. All I can say is, they must have hidden shallows. Beauty comes from within. From having a spirit that shines. That emanates from Love. I’m human. I fail. I fall short but I try every single day.

Walk with Dreamers

Harbouring poisonous thoughts of jealousy, resentment and hatred have their analogue manifestation in your body. You cannot flood yourself with poison and expect your enemy to drown in it. No, you do! And it will make you physically suffer. So, I bless the day and all within it and by doing so, I bless myself in the process. There, soap box moment over!

Design Technique

Getting back to the design… I  create it in Illustrator so that various elements can be scaled, moved, flipped, etc, until I’m happy with it. I keep the individual elements in a special file because I am trying to be disciplined and organised. Just call me Mrs O.

The Pathfinder function welds the elements together to check if all the pieces cut as expected or have some ‘holes’ that need connecting. The rest of the effects in the picture are for aesthetic benefit only and serve no other function. (These words are chosen very specifically and are a private joke between me and Himself!).

For this image, I took the graphic into Photoshop to apply a gold foil overlay just to gussy it up. I’m writing the method for how to do that and will post it today, probably. I have time on my hands – am having a bed delivered  so it’s a waiting-in sort of day. And, surprise, surprise, it’s also raining so no massive incentive especially as I don’t have the energy for jumping into puddles today.

Still to come – a rocking good way to fall in love

Sometime over the weekend I will post pics of my latest find – a lovely solid rocking chair. Love at first sight from a local charity shop. It was/is in great condition but had a dark varnish and needed a bit of a spruce up. It got washed down with sugar soap, given a light sanding then undercoated.

It will take the weekend and possibly a few evenings to get the top coat(s) on – lots of slats and surfaces that need the chair upended, flipped over onto one side, then the other… You know how these things are.

It also inspired me to make the flounciest, most frou-frou ruffled cushion I’ve ever stitched. It’s like a big bouffant bon-bon. Just colour my heart happy it makes me dance it’s so pretty (IMHO, obviously!).

When the chair is ready I’ll post pics of the chair and the cushion. I’m so excited. I LOVE the chair and can’t wait to show you the final make over!

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  1. Louise says:

    This is a beautiful effect. I’d like to see how it’s done.

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