Hacked Off

Last night my site was hacked into. The entry point, means of access, etc, had to be traced and blocked. I found that a user had subscribed to the site then *somehow* bypassed security measures and logged in as an administrator. That status gives super user privileges that should only be granted to me, the Webmaster. The net result is that I have deleted all current subscribers and subscription will not be enabled again.

The attack was all the more worrying since I was hacked into just last Thursday. I had a lot of work going through the site to remove lines of script injected into the HTML of every post and reconfiguring some other elements that I won’t detail here.

I changed and tightened every security measure I had means to and hoped I’d closed any loophole that enabled entry. Obviously, I was wrong and something got in again and, like I said, it appeared that the subscriber route provided the entry point, hence the action to delete and close off subscriptions.

Access to Free Files and Tutorials

Why am I telling you? It means that the freebies that were available to subscribers cannot be accessed that way now. If something has been posted as a ‘Freebie’ and you would like it, use the comment box to request it and I will send it to you.

My sincere apologies to the 22,000+ subscribers who were not engaged in nefarious activities but I have no choice but to blanket ban all subscriptions.

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