Samsara Birds

I am going to another craft fair in a few weeks so am starting to think through what to make and take on the day. Several projects are on the go and finding the time to finish them is the usual bane of the crafter’s life.

I had been making lots of Mandalas and Samsara decorations using machine embroidery just as a way of using up scraps and seeing how the built-in stitches looked on fabric.  When folded in half they became birds, much to my delight. I call them Samsara birds because the patterns are arranged in concentric circles like the wheel of life and so the spell was set. I was enchanted. I love the juiciness of colours, the patterns and the sheer prettiness of it all. I sat and stitched these in a perfect state of being absorbed in the moment.

They are plumped out with Hi-loft stuffing and lavender so they smell as gorgeous as they look. Then, stroke of genius, I came across a picture on the internet where somebody had made birds’ tails from loops of ribbon. Naturally, I had some satin ribbon and quickly had them looped and popped into their bottoms.

My bottom line is that if I don’t sell any, I am more than happy to keep them. They colour my world happy and that is priceless.

I have a few more… but will show you them another day. I am working on how to display them and designing a mount card to arrange them on with a little explanation about Samsaras.

Another ‘for the day’ project is a 3D flower garland. This is a brilliant way to use up lots of little scraps and buttons. So far I have 4 flowers made and petals cut out to make another  three or four. I want to add a bow either one in the middle or a couple, for each end of the line of flowers.

I made the bow below in about half an hour. A very simple design and easy to make. It’s stiffened with starch to help keep its shape but time will tell how long that will last. If I get the time I’ll write up how to make it. My notes are just scribbled down at the moment so can be typed up fairly quickly. If you would like them, drop me a line and I’ll get it done sooner.

Anyway, summer is officially here and the garden is looking lush. The weather has been our usual mash up of sun and rain (chucketing down). But, I’m not complaining. I was blown away by the most beautiful, vivid and glorious double rainbow last Wednesday. Oh it was gorgeous! Both me and Himself were transfixed and watched it fade gently away.  Can’t have rainbows without rain!

Of course, the garden growing means gardening… that’s outdoor housework to me…. still, I like how it all looks when it’s done.

Every year I check to see how my daisies are coming along. They were planted in the big blue planter my lovely old Tom was buried in and have been transplanted here and there around the garden. I was delighted to see that the biggest patch has over fifty buds and look at them every day to see if any have flowered yet. It’s a tantalising wait. Each day they seem ever more burdgeoning and on the point of bursting open but just not quite… like the frog hopping to the well, each hop being half the length of the last one to illustrate the concept of infinity. There’s always another hop to be had.

Anyway, today is a sunshiny jammie day, I’m in my smeggiest gear so will tackle the weeds and maybe strim around the lawn… but first, tea, toast and an egg on top.

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