Clock this

Some time ago I created a bunch of brushes for Photoshop, all based on designs I’d created in Illustrator. Those of us with cutting machines know just how easy it is to combine elements together to make a very intricate-looking cohesive design.

I combined my elements to create this Scandi-type clock face and cut it from vehicle grade vinyl. The design did need some strategic masking tape placement to keep some odd bits here and there together but all in all, the process of lifting it from the vinyl to the clock was relatively painless.

Once down and burnished in place, I attached the clock workings and it was good to go!

Plant Pot Stencil

I had my eye on this art nouveau stencil design on the Craftsmanspace site. I posted the link a few days ago. If you haven’t already been over, go! If you want cutting files, most of the designs are available as SVGs.

Anyhoo, I cut out a stencil and painted on the lovely playful rabbit. Looks good. So did the first one…. did a beautiful job. Unfortunately, I had the pot upside down….. This is to be a door-number and will go round the front of house when planted up. I think a fuschia would go well for height, spread and colour.

Just for information, the daisies behind the pot are the ones I was desperate to see open just a couple of weeks ago. Flourishing and flowering beautifully now!

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2 Responses to Clock this

  1. Louise says:

    These are lovely pieces.
    You are sooo talented.

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